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  1. Yeah thanks. I know that tutorial. Just wondering what is really required for running dsm on vmware as i think its different than baremetal: vid / pid usb --> only for baremetal right? sn --> required for vmware and also baremetal mac --> only for enabling wol? (so optional for vmware/baremetal) is this correct? :-/
  2. Is there an explanation on which grub.cfg items are required and what they do? Was not able to find it... a wiki?
  3. so any suggestions by now for my setup running a G4560? I am currently running ds3617xs but wondering if ds3615xs would be a better fit for my setup? Not running bare metal but vmware esx 6 so not sure if that might improve anything or not....
  4. I was wondering on the same. Could someone explain what the differences are --> pros / cons --> do's and dont's?
  5. so anyone else tested update 4 on esxi? seems that auto-update from dsm is available now so wondering if anyone else was successful in updating. thanks for any news
  6. not available on auto-update here so i guess need to wait little more. Anyone who upgraded DSM 6.1.3-15152-4 on vmware?
  7. esxi 6 - update to 6.1.3-15152-3 without issues so far. on reboot some docker containers were missing but due to json exports i was able to recover those 2 containers easily (might be not related to update anyway)
  8. anyone tried update3 --> 6.1.3-15152-3 already? safe to update?
  9. this sounds promising:
  10. maybe to check: - mtu size - check top while transfer
  11. kind of expected based on all your testing with different setups. would be interesting to see if another hypervisor would show the same. amybe its a esxi issue related to your hardware. but not sure. so either run it baremetal or live with this issue right?
  12. No idea anymore Gesendet von meinem Z2 Plus mit Tapatalk
  13. so while its slowing down: - whats your cpu usage? - any errors in syslog (check using ssh) there needs to be an indicator. funny eniugh its not related to smb only right? did you try again using ftp also?
  14. not getting your point. why not? its working fine see my signature
  15. I hope 3617 is not only for Xeon as I am running it with my G4560