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  1. If this is similar to the 4.3 builds, have you tried replacing the boot .vdi file and restarting the machine?
  2. Hi Trantor, tried to send you a PM to ask for your help with adding me as a member to edit the Wiki. I'd be glad to help out!!
  3. It is likely. Have you just tried creating a 32bit VM with any other OS and see if you run into Kernel panic?
  4. Good start, I made some edits Index - Getting started --What is Xpenology --Dictionary of Xpenology terms - Hardware -- Compatibility list / Driver support -- Driver request - Downloads --Stable builds --Experimental builds - Installation guides --General (USB) --Virtual Machines ---Esxi ---Virtualbox ---Hyper-V --Hardware Specific ---HP40/54 - Build your own kernel -FAQ --Updates --Security --Known problems etc -etc
  5. I could help out with the wiki pages. I've written FAQs before so maybe I can be of some help. I've only just begun using Xpenology for the better part of a month using virtualbox but it's pretty fresh in my head considering I didn't exactly get all the information about installing without reading multiple posts or having others answer my questions. I see Andy (site admin) has a Wiki page but it's blank. Any other takers for topics?
  6. From what I've read, which is conflicting, either the X2 4400+ doesn't have AMD-V or you need to enable IO-APIC in the processor tab. Are you running virtualbox as administrator mode?
  7. My support to Gnoboot and Trantor as well. Their excellent work shouldn't be tarnished by a few ingrates.
  8. Have you enabled virtualization in the BIOS? Have you tried using a different 64bit linux option like Debian?
  9. No need to double post. Are you using the beta files? I found this guide better but used 2GB as memory for the VM instead Do you plan on using any physical disks or is your plan to only test using a VM before switching to a dedicated device?
  10. Available in this thread
  11. I think I may have overstated the grub22 error. I followed the same guide and got past the first grub22 error. Unfortunately in the middle of migrating data, I got a volume crash claiming two of the hard drives had crashed. They are brand new drives so this was curious. I am now in the process of chkdsk on both the supposed crashed drives to see what went wrong. Thank god I had backups of everything. I only shut down the VM yesterday but saved a snapshot. I understand that there is no recovery from a crashed volume except through synology support. I'm not worried about data loss right now, I j
  12. I seem to be having trouble accessing the root file system using WinSCP. I'm running DSM 4.3 on Virtualbox with a fixed IP. The SFTP service is set to run with Port 22 in the Control Panel but I get errors like "Unexpected end of SFTP stream" in CyberDuck and "Is the host running an SFTP server" in WinSCP. I have no problem accessing the Shared Folders using SFTP, just not root. Ideas?
  13. After finally getting through an initial painful data scrubbing that lasted 24 hours for 4x2TB drives with SHR, my intial testing has file transfers at about 50-55 Mb/sec on average. Not sure what I can do to up those numbers. Download station is able to fully achieve the 1.8Mbps download rate for nzbs. Pleased so far and will continue to do more testing. Now, if only there was a way to get WOL working and a restart without a Grub 22 error. Currently using Virtualbox v4.3.8 on Windows x64.
  14. Gonna try this now. Do I still need to set up a dynamic drive in addition to the raw mapped drives? What is the ideal size? Thanks for your help so far!! Edit: Solved, looks like I missed a critical part of the instruction which was to set up a dynamic drive in addition to the physically mapped drives. Will now proceed to commence testing!
  15. Did you have to remove (offline) the drives in windows before they would be recognized? Also, do the drives need to be formatted in any special way before they can be attached? I also seem to not be getting past the connection problem. Whether I use a bridge connection or not, synology assistant fails to correctly detect the VM's IP address. This only happens after it installs the software and says the DSM is rebooting. I get the grub 22 error causing me to shut down the VM, recopy the synoboot.vdi file and restart the VM. The synology assistant is still running during this time.