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  1. Hi Werter, Try doing a scrub of your volume, this will do a consistency check of your disks. In DSM - Storage Manager Volume Manage This could take about a 24 hours or more Once that is complete try expanding again Cheers Sinnuendo
  2. Hi Wenlez I have the exact same hardware and case, it rocks ! I have successfully installed Gnoboot 10.5 on this and it works like a dream. It has plenty of horsepower so good if you need to transcode HD films to play on tablets etc Cheers Sinnuendo
  3. Hi Scoobdriver, No, I did not lose any data at all. I also have Sickbeard, Sabnzb, Plex installed and they continued to work after the upgrade with no mishaps. When I launched Synology Assistant, it came up with a status of "Migratable" Cheers Sinnuendo
  4. Hi Scoobdriver, I have successfully migrated from Trantor DSM 5-4418 Beta to Gnoboot DSM5 update 2. I was urged to do this because of the Heartbleed vulnerability. I followed this guide to upgrade to Gnoboot DSM5 10.5, then applied updated 2 to bring me up to the latest version. ... thout-esxi Cheers Sinnuendo
  5. The more hard drives you have the higher the transfer speed with larger files, as the large file is split across multiple hard drives. Each hard drive can then serve up its chuck of the file at the same time, giving good transfer speeds. But with lots of small files you will not see much benefit. Servers do not like transferring lots of small files as there is an overhead associated with each, which slows it down. For example: I copied from the server to the local PC a collection of about 2,000 files totalling 1GB in size, this tranferred at about 55mbits on the first run, about 75m
  6. Hi Kelly689 Yes, that motherboard works great and is supported. I am currently running it with Trantors build. Never breaks into a sweat, lots of CPU horse power with the 8 cores, if anything too much. Could also use the C2550 quad core version Cheers