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  1. DSM 5.2 on P5Q Pro

    Just wanted to say thanks! Your post saved me a ton of potential headaches. I was lucky enough to see this post before I started the build on my p5q pro.
  2. I now have 2 "servers" built from my old desktop gaming PC and a hand me down 2006 Mac Pro. 2006 Mac Pro - upgraded processors to 2x Xeon x5355 (2.6ghz quad core), bought for $25 on ebay - 20 GB DDR2 RAM (cheap amazon brand) - running headless as an ESXi server VM 1 - Windows Server 2012: for Active Directory DC VM 2 - Windows Server 2012: sql server, sharepoint for learning VM 3 - Centos 7: plex, rclone backup, and used for learning linux in general - I'm considering running Untangled as another VM on this server Gaming Desktop from 2009 repurposed as Xpenology NAS - DSM 6.02, using Jun's bootloader 1.01 on a usb stick - Asus P5Q-Pro Turbo - modded Xeon x5460 to fit socket, overclocked to 3.8ghz with water cooling. (I should probably remove the overclock but it's been stable for years and I'm scared to change the settings now) - 8 GB RAM - 4 x 2TB WD drives (2 WD REDs are new, 2 other WD drives I've had for a while and repurposed) - Coolermaster CM690 case. 3.5" bays are pretty much full but I could use the 5.25" bays with some brackets should I need to add more drives I'm using the NAS to store pictures and videos. I do a little photography/videography so there are a lot of these. I'm also storing media for the plex server and the home folders for active directory users. Since I have a separate ESXi server, I'm pretty much only using the xpenology as a NAS. I'm not running any apps on it yet. Fortunately the motherboard worked with xpenology as is. There are 5 sata ports, plus 2 more that appears to be eSATA, I'm not sure if those will work for additional drives. Yes, I know.... my power draw is probably stupid.
  3. Thanks to all XPEnology Devs/Coders

    Thanks to this forum and a bigger thanks to the devs!! I just found out about XPEnology last week and just with searching through this forum, I had just finished building my NAS out of my old gaming PC. I ended up spending less than a diskless 2 bay synology to get everything running.