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  1. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Not OP but this is what I get with that command: {"success":false,"msg":"SN format is wrong."}
  2. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I also have Plex pass and I did a manual install using a package from their site and now the hardware acceleration option is available. Plex works with it checked and doesn't crash, but since my system doesn't have an iGPU I'm pretty sure it doesn't do anything. As far as updates on stability, I have 6.2 up and running since tuesday(4 days) with no crashes or reboots. The stuff I've done so far are: file transfers, hyperbackup (usb backup and restore), VM manager and just installing random apps. I'll see if I can find some old drives this weekend and try to build an array and see how that goes.
  3. Loader version and type (918+): 1.03a2 DS918+ DSM version in use (including critical update): DSM 6.2-23739 Update 1 Using custom modules/ramdisk? If yes which one?: None Hardware details: MB: Supermicro X10SLM+-F, E3-1220v3, onboard NIC (Intel I210-AT), onboard SATA
  4. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Oh I wasn't saying hardware acceleration was working, just that the check box to turn it on is available. I'm pretty sure checking that box will do nothing for that server. I installed Plex using just what's available in the package center.
  5. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    The one I'm testing 1.03a2 on is configured as DS918+. I actually just built this box yesterday and weighing in if I should jump into 6.2 or stay with 6.1 when I migrate my "production" disks.
  6. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Good point, but the one with the hardware acceleration option is on a DL380-G7 (X5660 CPUs) which I don't believe have an iGPU either. I think Plex build for synology machines just don't have this option, which kind of make sense since it probably wouldn't work anyway.
  7. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Plex transcoding is working. I forced playback to transcode and it was doing it. Got up to 3 streams before cpu is pegged at 100%. I'm not sure how accurate the cpu usage meter is, I feel like it shouldn't hit 100% on 3 transcodes. The option for hardware acceleration doesn't seem to be available for the DSM installed plex server.
  8. turbo21psi

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    1.03a2 seems to be working just fine on Supermicro X10SLM+-F with E3-1220v3. Motherboard has 2 NIC ports and both are detected, LACP bond working. No additional sata or nic card, just onboard for now. USB 3.0 ports work fine, was able to get over 100mbps transfer rate. Videostation doesn't seem to work for some files, is that the transcoding issue? I don't really intend on using that app, but I thought I'd test it. DSM doesn't crash though, just some videos will not play. So far it seems pretty good to me. Only have it up for a few hours but no random crashes or anything. Most of the things I tried are working. Plex, AD integration, NIC Bonding. I only have 1 spare disk for testing so I haven't tried making RAID arrays yet. Anything other things I should be testing? I'm open for suggestions.
  9. turbo21psi

    DSM 5.2 on P5Q Pro

    Just wanted to say thanks! Your post saved me a ton of potential headaches. I was lucky enough to see this post before I started the build on my p5q pro.
  10. I now have 2 "servers" built from my old desktop gaming PC and a hand me down 2006 Mac Pro. 2006 Mac Pro - upgraded processors to 2x Xeon x5355 (2.6ghz quad core), bought for $25 on ebay - 20 GB DDR2 RAM (cheap amazon brand) - running headless as an ESXi server VM 1 - Windows Server 2012: for Active Directory DC VM 2 - Windows Server 2012: sql server, sharepoint for learning VM 3 - Centos 7: plex, rclone backup, and used for learning linux in general - I'm considering running Untangled as another VM on this server Gaming Desktop from 2009 repurposed as Xpenology NAS - DSM 6.02, using Jun's bootloader 1.01 on a usb stick - Asus P5Q-Pro Turbo - modded Xeon x5460 to fit socket, overclocked to 3.8ghz with water cooling. (I should probably remove the overclock but it's been stable for years and I'm scared to change the settings now) - 8 GB RAM - 4 x 2TB WD drives (2 WD REDs are new, 2 other WD drives I've had for a while and repurposed) - Coolermaster CM690 case. 3.5" bays are pretty much full but I could use the 5.25" bays with some brackets should I need to add more drives I'm using the NAS to store pictures and videos. I do a little photography/videography so there are a lot of these. I'm also storing media for the plex server and the home folders for active directory users. Since I have a separate ESXi server, I'm pretty much only using the xpenology as a NAS. I'm not running any apps on it yet. Fortunately the motherboard worked with xpenology as is. There are 5 sata ports, plus 2 more that appears to be eSATA, I'm not sure if those will work for additional drives. Yes, I know.... my power draw is probably stupid.
  11. turbo21psi

    Thanks to all XPEnology Devs/Coders

    Thanks to this forum and a bigger thanks to the devs!! I just found out about XPEnology last week and just with searching through this forum, I had just finished building my NAS out of my old gaming PC. I ended up spending less than a diskless 2 bay synology to get everything running.