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  1. @haydibe yes apologies your correct . I was looking at the output of dmesg for the ESXi build, when I look at the serial output I see the same messages . (Is this written to any of the logs in /var/log/ ? ) So both appear to be working ok , I am having difficulty with Face recognise in Photos, Iv'e tried the suggestions I have read, to passthrough the GPU as 0000:00:02.0 , that does not seem to work (unless real serial is still needed) , i915 hw transcode is working for Video's, Plex , conversion in Photos etc. so the quicksync aspects are working correctly . (I'm using mediated
  2. HI Guys , great work . When I build with @haydibe proxmox method DS918+ 7.0.1 I get the following message during boot (Failed and Depend) . Is this normal ? I don't seem to get it when using Esxi ? DSM comes up and I am able to log in .
  3. Thanks @dreamtek I tried this on my proxmox build . Ensuring the i915 device was passed through with address 00:02 , but it still does not seem to function , is a genuine serial number / Mac required ? I'm using GVT-g passthrough , I have validated that HW acceleration / transcoding / Quicksync works with Plex etc. Wondering do I need to passthrough the entire igpu or should Mediated Device passthrough (Intel GTV-g) work ? lspci -nnk /dev/dri/ I do see this line in the output , however Quicksync seems to w
  4. Are you sure its not working ? I ran the spk and rebooted , however I believe it just adds the .ko 's and insmods them . The package shows as stopped in package manager for me, but it is working and when I log in to the ILO I get the OS information , Hardware inventory etc.
  5. 4saG SPK Server webpage has HP-AMS spk that works for me on HPE Microserver Edit - Just noticed yours is ILO 5 and mine is ILO 4 , not sure if that makes a difference ??
  6. so after a successful test on baremetal G8 with LSI card 2308 card and 7.0.1 42218 , I wanted to give esxi and passthrough a go. (First I upgraded my esxi from 6.7 to 7.0.3 , I’d not previously attempted this as I didn’t think the hba/ LSI card was supported, but on @Orphée advise I was told I would be able to pass it through… well he was correct. (The drive also showed up in esxi data store, before I enabled pass through which I wasn’t expecting ) With my LSI passed through (with same disk I had tested the Baremetal install on ) and a disk on the onboard b120i sata for the datastore/
  7. So I just booted RedPill DS3615XS 7.0.1 42218 , as baremetal on my HP G8 MS , with onboard NIC , both ports ,and LSI card in IT mode used @pocopico tg3 and mpt2sas . (It did a migration , spare drive I used must have already had a 6.x build installed) both network ports are good . HDD on LSI detected, smart working etc . like @RedwinX the first first drive take sdb rather than sda , not sure if this would be an issue other than cosmetic , I assume everything would just be moved up so 8th drive would become sdi rather than sdh ? I'm
  8. Just a quick to those that have already got their LSI cards working on either baremetal os ESXi . Happy to experiment , but if someone can save me the time Do I also need to load mpt2sas extension for my card , if I have already added sas activator ext ? I was under the impression 3615XS already had this .ko that would be loaded ? TTG quote " A quick update (we will write more tomorrow): the native mpt2sas driver works but it's present only on 3615xs platform. To activate it and make it working properly without any hacks just add this small extension: http
  9. OK , I did fork sas activator, but couldn't get it to load, but the one you have provided does , thank you .. I'm not sure if I need to add mpt2sas as I think it should be already included . Got some testing to do I think ..
  10. Thank you for this , when I try and and build with TGG sas activator extension added , I get an error as 42218 is not a supported platform / has no recipe . is there a fork of this ? or do I need to add @pocopico mpt2sas extensions instead ?
  11. Did you update the PID and VID in you config to match the new USB stick ? Which redpill repo are you using , the official TTG does not support apollolake-7.0.1-42218
  12. Did you do a upgrade, or a build a new boot loader as your previous post shows you building with bromolow-7.0-41222 , yet this shows 7.0.1-42218 ?
  13. Thanks I wasn't aware of This ! . I had wrongly assumed I wouldn't be able to pass it through on 7.0 , but if I can that's great , no datastore are on drives attached to this card So what I have is is a H220 HBA card in IT mode , 1 port connected to the Backplane (4 internal drives) (mini sas cable moved from the Motherboard to the HBA) then another Mini SAS (SFF-8087) to 4 Sata on the other HBA SAS port to 3 SSD's . I have the onboard SAS connector (b120i) connected to a 4 Sata cable, (not yet utilised) , and a SATA SSD on the ODD port (5) So I cou
  14. Interesting @Orphée I havn't updated from 6.7U3 to 7.0 due to my LSI / H220 HBA card not been supported. Do you use a HBA card ? If not which driver do you use for the b120i ?
  15. LOL not sure what your use case is .. most my devices direct play content, so I very rarely need to transcode (and the G8 Xeon handled that cpu transcoding ok) I only really set up the HW transcoding 918 VM as an experiment, and incase I ever needed to use it whilst traveling and had bad internet connection . It maps my media content on the main HP microserver . I also use it as hyperback and snapshot replication target for the HP MS . It runs in ESXi on a tiny micro form factor optiplex , its very low power consumption cpu 35w so no big deal keeping it running
  16. I pass the igpu through esxi to a ds918 vm and am able to do hw transcoding in plex (docker) need to change permissions on dev/dri on boot up so plex can use it.
  17. and the frustration of not been able to use the Quick Sync Video on the E3-1265 v2 due to the architecture of the G8 MS , but hey I still love the little Box .
  18. Thanks, Yeah I'll perhaps hold off for the moment , I have some test 1TB disks , but I did note the issue logged on GH with <2TB , my production/normal disks are 4x3TB (not that I'm ready or willing quite right now to move my stable system across.) Edit* Also sounds like a few of us have similar HW , which is great , so I'll keep following developments . I have a little test ESXi system, but it lacks the LSI card my Microserver has .
  19. Cheers ! LOL this is what I was doing to use Apollolake 918 7.0.1 , not sure why I forgot, (go on holiday for a week and mind goes blank, must make more notes ) I checked Junkeys fork but was looking at master rather than develop :S I guess I may wait if extensions arn't supported , I wanted to try HBA card on Esxi Gen8 , but I'll perhaps wait until I can use the sas-activator extension .
  20. I have esxi 6.7 on the micro sd in my g8 micro server with free licence I sometimes boot to test esxi vm’s , it’s on the free licence , but it doesn’t appear to have virtual serial. Was this introduced for version 7 on free licence ?
  21. @Mixpower I used this with success previously to load the tg3 drivers on my Gen8 with onboard NIC I've been on holiday, so I have not had the opportunity to try the new Extensions as yet. Just catching up on all the developments .
  22. Ok Forgot to say I do run a script on boot , (I use chmod 666 /dev/dri/*) Strange you were having issues where it was reverting , without rebooting, unless native plex changes permission
  23. don’t know the answer to you main question. I’ve not seen that happen on my setup (docker). However you should be able to run both package centre and docker Plex together. Just expose a different port I.e 32401 mapped to the 32400 port in the container . (Bridge networking) in docker