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  1. OK.... We are moving from readily available XpenoBoot working with DSM 5.2 to Jun's Loader (v1.01) working with DSM 6.0 and have lost a lot of hardware support in the process. That is because many Kernel Modules were not recompiled and included in the loader and not because they are incompatible. I have been compiling Kernel Modules (drivers) for Xpenology since we moved from GnoBoot and DSM 4.3 to NanoBoot and DSM 5.0 --- we lost a lot of hardware support at that time as well. Trantor's thread (who has been most generous with his time and effort on this project for a really long time) is old and confusing since it covers multiple loaders and DSM versions... These posts with hundreds of pages are just not going to be read completely. Thank you Polanskiman for letting me know that my thinking has been wrong for all these years.
  2. My actual request: I have Silicon Image chips on a Asrock motherboard (2 ports), PCI card 3114 and PCI card 3125. Not all used at the same time. Needed for Intel processors. All worked with nanoboot / xpenoboot and DSM 5.2 Driver needed is "sata_sil" -- Silicon Images Chip set A simple Labata driver, source found here: rd
  3. NOTE: Because of the way this loader developed the threads have become very long and Inconsistent. There are several developers, driver compilers and howto authors to thank.....I am just trying to help out the users. Yes I am running this loader with DSM 6 on "bare metal" upgraded from DSM 5.2 and no in spite of read hundreds of posts one of my controllers is no longer working. [spoiler=Background Readme]The DSM 6.0.2 loader is different from those in previous versions (DSM 4x and DSM 5x). It requires some configuration before boot, but is built very transparently. The loader does not contain all the Drivers from previous boot disks. There are several versions around....that is because it was possible to easily modify Jun's loader with device drivers for specific machines/motherboards e.g. VMware Virtual Machine or ASROCK motherboard. Drivers need to be compiled for the Syno Kernel with a specific tool chain (I can't do it) and some need to be patched to work. In Jun's loader there are some drivers in the standard RamDrive.lzma and more in the Extra.lzma, you may need to adjust your Grub.cfg for your needs (see tutorial threads). There is also a more ambitious loader (with built in configuration tools) by QuickNick, it is based on Jun's but had tools and drivers added. QuickNick has taken V2.2 offline for the moment as he tracks down some issues. Since that loader has a different Driver.lzma we can use another thread when V2.3 comes online. I know there is another thread for driver requests...BUT with all the different versions that has become hard to understand. This is the driver list from the extra.lzma of Jun's V1.01 DSM 6.0.2 Loader (Other versions had different drivers). You should first search the forum for your specific machine / motherboard / VM, because there maybe a modified loader available for it or specific instructions. You should determine your NIC(s) and Disk Controller(s) and search for their Linux/Unix driver in Google...then use this list to see if Jun included them. Please only post driver requests for Jun's V1.01 DSM 6.0.2 Loader in this Thread If you can 1). point to the manufacture source code for the driver -- 2). Mention if it was working in a previous build of Xpenology *****DISK Controller**** ahci.ko / | standard ahci disks ata_piix.ko | Intel IDE/PATA BusLogic.ko | BusLogic SCSI megaraid.ko | LSI Logic MegaRAID legacy megaraid_mbox.ko | LSI Logic MegaRAID Mailbox megaraid_mm.ko | LSI Logic Management Module megaraid_sas.ko | LSI MegaRAID SAS Driver mpt3sas.ko | LSI Logic MPT mptbase.ko | LSI Logic MPT mptctl.ko | LSI Logic MPT mptsas.ko | LSI Logic MPT mptscsih.ko | LSI Logic MPT mptspi.ko | LSI Logic MPT vmw_pvscsi.ko | VMware PVSCSI *****Network Controllers***** alx.ko | Atheros Communications NIC atl1.ko | Atheros NIC atl1c.ko | Atheros NIC atl1e.ko | Atheros NIC ax88179_178a.ko | USB NIC bnx2.ko | Broadcom NIC bnx2x.ko | Broadcom NIC e1000.ko | Intel NIC e1000e.ko | Intel NIC igb.ko | Intel Gig NIC ixgbe.ko | Intel 10 Gig NIC ipg.ko | IC Plus Gig NIC jme.ko | JMicron NIC mdio.ko | MDIO NIC netxen_nic.ko | QLogic/NetXen NIC pch_gbe.ko | EG20T PCH Gigabit NIC pcnet32.ko | PCnet32 and PCnetPCI NIC qla3xxx.ko | QLogic ISP3XXX NIC qlcnic.ko | QLogic 1/10 GbE NIC qlge.ko | QLogic 10 Gigabit NIC r8101.ko | Realtek NIC r8168.ko | Realtek NIC r8169.ko | Realtek NIC sfc.ko | Solarflare NIC skge.ko | SysKonnect Gigabit NIC sky2.ko | Marvell Yukon 2 Gig NIC tg3.ko | Broadcom Tigon3 NIC vmxnet3.ko | VMware vmxnet3 virtual NIC cheers to the developers / compilers / and howto authors
  4. Redmound

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Yes I waited till the first raid set expanded and then adjusted the change as I said I looked through the boot IMG and even expanded the ram drive images (extra and regular) and I don't see a Silicon Images driver. That is not something I could do with the old XPeneboot....I see a lot of drivers in there e.g.\usr\lib\modules\megaraid.ko, but I do not see Sata_Sil.ko. Silicon Image chip is pretty common....the two I have one is a rosewill (newegg brand) and a SABA (Microcenter brand). They have been running under Xpenology for a long time. has it on the list / QuickNick has it on his list ........which is why I expected it to work. I really could use it since I am running a degraded volume without it... On the other hand I have a nice SHR/BTRFS volume running on the motherboard ports now in DSM 6 As always "it seems faster".....but I expanded a singe 3tb drive(99% full) to a 3x3tb raid5 in 12hrs and that not how I remember things working on 5.2. thanks rd
  5. Redmound

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    We are a disorganized bunch here....I have not posted in so long I forgot my login. I had a working 5.2 with 5 drives it had been upgrade/migrated over a long time (v4 maybe) different bootloaders and even machines. So I had a drive go bad last week and decided to move to dsm 6 at the same time as adding new drives. These threads are so long is really hard to figure out which loader has what drivers. I followed the tutorial: used the latest loader 1.01 edited grub.cfg before burning USB (note the thumb drive I have always used would not work / used a different one with a different vid:pid and it was fine) edited synoinfo.conf to get back SHR, because I have to play ping pong with 5 TB of data (which I am doing now). SO THE ONLY ISSUE is my secondary SATA controller: It worked with xpenoboot and 5.2. Somewhere in this mess about dsm 6 it is listed as supported. I had another laying around and tried it as well, but it turns out to need the same driver. I looked in the boot image and I don't see it in either the main or extra ramdisk (but I never looked in there before. I have a SiL sil3114ctu and a sil 3512 and the both seem to require module SATA_SIL : supports Silicon Image 3112, 3114, and 3512 chips, including OEM rebadges from ATI/AMD and Adaptec. Can anyone confirm that Sata_sil is in the loader.....and if not can I get a compiled copy. I am running degraded volumes until I can add the extra 2 disks. Thanks to everyone who has been pitching was not real straight forward upgrade but the answers were all here! rd