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  1. Hi, How can I make an own install via the image file? I just create a vm, boot with iso and apply the image? J
  2. Thanks! Id really like to know what each file is for, I see image files and iso. So the ISO is to write to usb, then boot and install, right? What about the image file then?
  3. Hi, I have a DS918+. I d like to put the 4 disks in a HP Microserver and migrate (so no reinstall). Can that be done? J.
  4. Hi, I have XPENOlogy running on VMWare workstation 6 (XPE 6.0.1), the vm has 1 GB of ram (which is minimum) and 1 cpu but does not want to boot. VMWare workstation has 6GB of ram and plenty of cpus. Message: 1.select other host 2.decrease memory 3.lower number of virtual machines running Any idea here? J.
  5. Thanks! I do know ddns and have it configured already. However, I now have to open a firewall for every port and tell users to connect on that specific port, f.e. myddns.com:5000 for synology main access etc? Plus a main concern is that direct access is pretty risky whereas quickconnect goes via servers of Synology, right?
  6. Hi, I read in all XPEnology forums that upgrades are tricky and can break XPENology. However when it is installed, there is no way to disable the (installation of) updates. How does this work then, XPEnology simply automatically updates then crashes? J.
  7. Hi, I love your project XPEnology. I might run some XPENology vm's or even a bare metal. I wonder though how safe XPENology is. How can I be sure there is no malware in it? J.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to install XPENology on Synologies Virtual Machine manager? J.
  9. Hi, Tried to install XPenology 6.1 on VMWare Workstation and it drives me nuts. Tried all kinds of guides which all tell different things: use ovf, use zip, use iso .... Now tried to stick to 1 guide: https://xpenology.club/setup-xpenology-vmware-workstation-12/ which brought me to status where I can install XPENology, but after reboot it says status: repairable. When I try to repair and reboot, just the same issue ... Thanks for any input! J. How does this all work, iow what files do I need to be able to boot? The iso installs to the vmdk then i
  10. Hi, I love Synology, got an DS414, but might go to ds918+ (for vmm) or run xpe on a HP Microserver gen 8 or 10 (virtual, on esxi or hyper v to easen the updates). So first I m about to test XPE on a spare hp 8550 laptop via hyper v. There is only one XPE version, right? What held me from running XPE is quickconnect. What is the status there? Got an ds210 on which I don't use quickconnect, can I use that Mac to configure on XPENology? Then I d like to create my XPE bootdisk from .pat myself, can I do that? Thanks for your input, love you
  11. Hi, I have this gnoboot esxi dsm 5.0 which I fail to upgrade. I ve read nanoboot is the successor to gnoboot and I found a procedure to upgrade nano versions. If I switch to nano can I always upgrade (manual, via procedure?). Then how I convert my current gno to nano? I need to reinstall or how to keep my data/settings? Pls advise. J.
  12. Hi, I have DSM 5.0-4458 on a vm, how can I update to latest version? J.
  13. JanHoedt


    Hi, I found a procedure to update Synology 5.x: download a new pat-file from Synology, manual selection of the file in update, run a script via ssh then update. Is that a general procedure that can be used for any new update? J
  14. Well, you might just as well have said: "use google". Then I see no use of a forum.
  15. Hi, Anybody knows howto update XPEnology on a HP NL 40 to latest version (+ had issues or not)? J.
  16. Hi, Anybody can give an update for DSM 5.0 (just released, NO beta anymore) for HP NL40 and/or vmware ESXi? Is somebody working on it, can we just use the pat of Synology to update? Thanks. J.
  17. Ok, good for you. Where can I find an installation guide/the source files to install?
  18. Hi, Did anybody install XPEnology beta 5 on ESXi 5.5 succesfully? Would love to make it work (with raw disks + VMXNET 3 adaptor if possible). Please advise. J.
  19. Hi, I 'm using XPenology for a while now and like it. Thanks. However, when I try to enable the firewall, I get "the administrators pc has been blocked so firewall settings have been reset", whereas my subnet is set correct. This setting also works on another Synology so it is correct! I have serious doubts no that under the hood connections are set to specific ip! Please correct otherwise I'd have to scratch my XPEnology. J.
  20. Thanks, when I edit it, could I use an existing serial for use with quick connect (I know somebody who doesn t use quick connect). Or are Mac addresses used for veryfying connections on quick connect? I d really love to make it work and NOT use ddns (though it already works for me, ddns).
  21. Hi, Please advise howto update serial on DSM 5.0 (HP NL40). J.
  22. JanHoedt


    Hi, I added a dual nic to my HP NL40, it worked fine but after reboot everything is gone. I fully configured the system with DSM 5.0 beta. All data is on it. The console session just gives a blinking cursor. I previously installed on HP NL 40 with network card inserted and that worked, adding it causes issues apparently. Please advise. Should I make a new usb stick and boot it from there? Can I then recover my data? J.
  23. Will Synology Quickconnect check on specific serial number? Maybe only valid serial number is checked. If I don't use it from DS1511 I could connect via Quickconnect, right? Nobody tried yet? Strange.
  24. ? I have DSM beta 5. No info about quickconnect on the link(?)
  25. Can I make the quick connect work by using changing the serial of the machine? I have a Synology on which I don't use the quickconnect, so I could use that one? However, I don't know where the serial number of that Synology is + it's a DS1512 http://www.raving.at/ Please advise. J..