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  1. are you using the DSM system on the virtualbox for windows ?
  2. how is it possible to use an APC ES700 ups with DSM4.2 installed in a laptop ?
  3. I've installed the DSM 4.2 on a notebook and this is the first time I try this package. I 've connected an APC ups to the usb of the notebook but the DSM doesn't recognize it
  4. I've created another virtual HD of 8 Gb but in the DSM I see only 4,5 Gb
  5. I've an issue on the synology assistant process. In the first step upon system installation I receive an error message: It is not possible to establish a connection. which is the problem ?
  6. I've just downloaded an X86 version from there: http://cht.tw/h/dd7pr
  7. I've created a 5 gb virtual hd with Virtualbox but in the DSM I can see only 0,55 gb
  8. which is the way to update to the latest release ???
  9. Update your DSM boot device and "Migrate" it. The web update scenario in DSM are not supported for fake BOX. which is the file to use for boot? I don't see the .vdi file
  10. I'm creating my first virtual box synology... but where is the vdi file ? with the previous version I've seen three files (.img , .vdi , .pat)
  11. I've the same error of yours. how have you fixed it ?
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