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  1. You cannot update from that release without changing the loader.
  2. Working really well from CD. pleased that I do not have to use a USB stick. clean install worked like a charm Thank you for your effort making it possible using a CD instead of a USB
  3. Same problem here. Is a known issue and afaik no solution for available. Verstuurd vanaf mijn MI 2SC met Tapatalk
  4. Anyone been able to update their current version 5 update 1 with this update? I keep getting a folder access error at the start of the update process on both of my dsm 5 update 1 machines.
  5. Then how come, that you in July wrote: So, is there or is there not a BIOS reset problem with the N54L and the hacked BIOS Back in July I was using a different server It was a HP MediaServer M8000n, using an Asus-made motherboard with AMI BIOS. Our motherboard with the N54L is a Gigabyte motherboard with dual BIOS, meaning if the primary CMOS is corrupted, the backup is loaded. But any time you save a setting, and it is correct, it gets saved into the secondary CMOS, and is loaded when the primary is corrupted by DSM. Sorry, I had to change my signature when I switched ser
  6. running 5.0 on a N54L with modded bios. 2x 3TB in SHR Running like a charm. Replaced my pendrive today with one that I can hard lock. But when rebooting the SAN with a locked USB ( like recommended a lot on the forums ) it will stuck while booting at command GRUB. ( even before the actual boot of DSM5.0) Once i turn off the lock, it boots perfectly fine with the same USB mounted. Anyone got a clue what could be the reason? probably I am missing something somewhere.
  7. there is an img file already viewtopic.php?f=14&t=2219
  8. I am sure I didn't even get the warning that it would delete my drives. So either the setup doesn't recognize that you have an SHR already running or maybe you can uncheck the box and sees how it goes. I didn't even have to uncheck it when I upgraded to 5.0 from 4.3 you didn't change your server name by any chance? for a check you can also read this topic
  9. yes, I updated it just like I would with a fresh install.
  10. yes my data and configs were still ok after upgrading. BUT........ you can never be 100% certain it will survive the upgrade process so ALWAYS make sure you have a backup of your config and your data!!!
  11. I upgraded my N54L from 4.3 to 5.0beta without issues and all data / config available
  12. So far working like a charm. upgraded to dsm 5 with java 7 and also updated with "Update 1 " all configs and packages still existed Edit: Advanced power manager seems unable to be run or to get installed properly
  13. Tempted to upgrade my HP N54L as well. can anyone tell me if java 7 will work on dsm 5 or are we still stuck to java 6?