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  1. Thanks flyride, and jensmander. Will give it a shot at upgrading in the next few days and see how the updates go.
  2. Thanks flyride. If I understand this correctly the official answer is: Backup your system before you try an update. And/or try the update first on a test system to see if it works. If it works report it so others can learn. If it doesn't work report it so others know what is not working. If it doesn't work you will need to find a new loader that is compatible with the newer update you are wanting to upgrade to. In general it looks like security fixes should work (6.1.2 update x), minor releases are likely to work (6.1.3), and major releases are less likely to
  3. I feel like the standard Synology upgrade process would not be supported because everyone is doing updates using the Jun loaders etc. However I do not see any specific statement saying don't do it, or what will happen if you do. I did search and could not find an answer after 15 minutes of looking. I'm sure the answer is in the forums somewhere, however by asking it will make it more readily findable. Thanks.
  4. Hi All, First off thanks for all who are helping make the xpenology available. Great work. I'm a bit cautious about upgrading so I have decided to work with two xpen boxes. I have one that is at 5.2 and rather than risk it becoming corrupted with an upgrade I have a second 6.1 xpen box. I have assumed it is easy to mirror or replicate data from one to the other and this is the way I was expecting to safely move to a newer version. Any recommendations of which apps or how this can be accomplished? Hoping someone has good insight into this. If no answers appear in the next few d
  5. kman

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Trying to get DSM 6.0.2 running. Have followed this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100 Found the VID and PID, Mac address and had a serial number for a DS3615 Was able to get the machine to start up and do what appeared to be an install however I am now in a recovery loop where the install is never clean and successful. So searched around and tried what was suggested here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=20216&start=2770&hilit=Recoverable&sid=78f6229aa2ca32b01b8915577277df3d#p100378 This basically says redo the original install with a different load DSM_DS3615xs_8451 which can b
  6. Followed all the steps and encountered the following error on boot before actually getting to the Synology load: Verifying DMI Pool Data ..... It would hang there. I re-imaged the USB flash drive (Adata 32G) and still it hung. Tried the 5.2 version I have running on my first NAS build and it worked without an issue. Researched the error "Verifying DMI Pool Data ....." and the suggestions is no bootable image is found on the available drives and to try and remove one drive at a time until you find the problem one. This did not resolve the problem but it did cause the Bios Boot order to ch
  7. OK after wandering around the NAS from the web interface I found the answer. In the control panel > terminal and SNMP Enable the Telnet service and/or enable SSH. Now works.
  8. HI all. I just installed and have a XPen NAS running for the first time. When trying to Telnet of SSH to the NAS I get the error message Network error: connection refused. I searched the forum for references to this and nothing related to 5.2.
  9. Send a PM to quicknick. It's that simple. I would if I could. I don't have PM rights. If you could contact quicknick on my behalf and let him know I'd like to help I would appreciate it. I have set up a disposable email address, I will keep around until I hear from quicknick. Thanks