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  1. Hi, @Sportify, no I didn't installed 6.2 because 6.1.7 works fine for me. In the future, when I will buy some HDDs, I will probably do an update. As far as I read is a bit complicated to do the update and there is a high probability of data loss, so I'd better wait.
  2. I have a HP Gen 10 Microserver running the latest baremetal Xpenology. Check the tutorials for answers to the other questions.
  3. Hi, for PID and VID check the tutorials like @Polanskiman said. The MACs for this specific model can be found in the BIOS.
  4. Hi Michael, Yes, I am using the HPE Gen10 microserver. The steps I did before installing DSM were: 1. Boot the server, entered bios and copied the MAC addresses of the 2 network cards. 2. Found the PID and VID of the usb 3. Mounted the img file from 1.02b and updated the MACs 4. With WIn32DiskImages I wrote the loader on a USB and put it in the internal slot. 5. Started the server and installed DSM. The pat file was 6.1.4 and after everything was done I installed the latest update at that time, update 2.
  5. I used Jun's 1.02b and DSM 6.1.
  6. I received the server on Friday and I installed Xpenology baremetal. Worked like a charm.
  7. Hi, could you give me more details about your config? I am planning to buy one of these servers and I would like to install DSM baremetal. If is not possible, I will try with ESXi. Where do you store the VMs in ESXI? Do you have a SSD in the 5th SATA port? Is it possible to install ESXi on a USB stick using the interal connector?