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  1. I have DSM running on ESXI 6.0 host, with Jun's 1.02B loader in a vmdk running DSM 6.1.14 and have the LSI controller passed through all working fine. I downloaded the virtual appliance from here with Jun's 1.03 bootloader and updated the grub.cfg file with my own serial. However, I keep getting file corrupt error 13 around 57 percent when the controller is passed to this VM and the other is switched off. I've already run FixSynoboot script and checked for hidden directories and only found .syno which I deleted but still can't complete the upgrade as it shows as migratable but fail
  2. Sorry about that, logic behind using this thread was, it was the closest thing I could find to my issue. I'll create a new thread next time.
  3. Got it sorted, I had to use the synology assistant app which did find the static ip I had assigned almost a year ago and had bonded both nics, doh! Now, I just need to get carbonite working with DSM since crashplan no longer support home users p.s. Anyone looking to use a micro sdcard instead of a usb to boot synoboot can set the vid as 0424 and pid as 4030 on a HP microserver gen 8 to hide it from dsm.
  4. Existing DSM setup on the drives as they initially show as migratable
  5. I've got a HP microserver Gen 8 and have a strange issue. I've written Jun's loader to a microsd card and prior to installing the pat file I can see both of the nic's get an IP on the network and it is visible on find.synology.com. After the pat file is installed, the server reboots and I lose connectivity. Though I can see in the ILO console it does complete the reboot without any errors. Any ideas? Thanks,
  6. j911

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I think we need to split this thread into FAQ. Confirmed HW, support requests and a read only thread for devs to post updates.
  7. j911

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi, I can confirm it does work on HP gen8
  8. j911

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have a supermicro amd motherboard with onboard lsi 2008 controller. I can passthrough the controller in esxi 6.0.2 to 1.01 jun image VM and pat file gets installed by showing dsm as migratable. However after reboot I lose all network connectivity. Using the older 5.2 image i see the disks in recoverable state and have to reinstall 6.0.2-8451 pat file which brings it back to migratable and so it keeps looping. Need some help here please
  9. Hi, Could you please add support for DVBSky T9580 PCIe. Thanks
  10. j911

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanks, but I have nearly finished new ramdisk with my own Can you guys please collaborate on adding drivers along with changelog with releases. Is anyone planning on adding support for tbs pcie tuners and lsi 2308 drivers? Really appreciate your efforts.
  11. j911

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    My kernel still has a few issues that I am working on so it's still not ready. I have patched the kernel so that the LSI 2008 based controllers and attached drives work. So I can assure you that drives will work. However, my time will be limited for the next few weeks. Sent from my SM-N930T using Tapatalk OK, thanks for the update. I hope you get those issues fixed soon. It's a tough life without having the video, music and software collection at my disposal Has anyone been able to get LSI 2308 IT mode controller working in ESXI pass through mode? My disks are detected in xp
  12. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes I did manage to sort it out. I followed the steps from this site: Disclaimer: Whilst I didn't encounter any data loss following the steps below, I will not be held responsible for any data loss or any other form of damage. I strongly advise you read up on what each command will do before running it and backup your most important files first. https://tunwinnaing.wordpress.com/2015/ ... le-system/ Follow the tutorial from where it says: open your terminal of choice and run the following (replace my_ds_ip with your DS IP address) Go
  13. Hi, I got an alert on my Xpenology VM complaining of disk write errors on one of the 3 WD30EFRX disks installed. I wasnt able to run repair etc as nothing is visible in storage manager and mdam shows the disk in question as removed from md0,md1 and md2. I've since replaced the disk but it still shows as clean,degraded in mdadm and the gui shows filesystem errors. Can someone help me in the recovery process. My data is still in tact.
  14. Hi Trantor, could you please add driver support for DVBSky T9580. Driver and firmware Following firmware files are needed for version 1: dvb-demod-m88ds3103.fw, dvb-demod-si2168-a30-01.fw and dvb-tuner-si2158-a20-01.fw. And for version 3: dvb-demod-m88ds3103.fw, dvb-demod-si2168-b40-01.fw All can be found from OpenELEC firmware tree [1]. As an alternative, you can get the firmware from the producer's site: http://www.dvbsky.net/Support_linux.html Place the firmware files under /lib/firmware http://www.dvbsky.net/Support_linux.html
  15. Hi Trantor, does the hpsa driver you added also support the HP P420i smart array controller? http://cciss.sourceforge.net/ Thanks for the link 4sag, I already checked the site before asking and it seems depending on the kernel version being > 2.6.33 it'll use hpsa scsi mode , otherwise the cciss driver which is block mode.If it is supported by both then cciss is loaded first and takes over. which is why I was seeking clarification from Trantor.