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  1. I have the same device and mine works fine with the inbuilt nic, make sure you are selecting amd selection in the boot menu press space bar when the print appears and reselect amd again that worked for me on update 9
  2. what packages do you have installed on it as surveillance station keeps it awake as do some other programs, i had the same problem so i removed alot of them that i dont really use and now the nas goes to sleep when not accessed for a while
  3. sorted it it was surveillance station keeping it awake and spinning all the time
  4. since updating to dsm 6 my hp n40l no longer puts the drives to sleep when not in use, anyone else have this problem? thanks
  5. its not really needed anyway as i can remotely connect to the nas through port forwarding
  6. ignor above after putting the monitor and keyboard back onto the nas and re selecting the boot option in juns it decided to work now working on update 9
  7. seems to have broken my hp n40l doing the update 9, i was on static IP too, now after numerous hard resets it cant be found on the network
  8. been there done that still gives me "the the system has failed to perform the requested operation, there is an unkown error" as soon as i click onto the "log in to or register a synology account" bit on the quick connect page within the DSM
  9. does your quick connect work on v6? i have the N40L and juns loader but when i click the quick connect page it just gives me an error?
  10. just updated my hp 40 server, it didnt reset once updating but i power cycled it after the 10 min counter ended and then it worked now on update 8