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  1. use x86 arch Package center says: Packet not supported on this platform. I need package for: evansport x14 Series DS214play - synology_evansport_214play
  2. Sorry for English. Can someone post a patch for DS214Play? WinHex trick didnt help
  3. Does anyone made a vmware esxi version from the beta7 ???
  4. Does anyone have DSM 5.0 beta working with this ? Ill get Error Code 38 when i try installing through DSAssistent. Oh and through web page ill get error 45, try another install type
  5. shadi1989

    DSM 5.0 News

    Get real dude Whats the problem ? beta is already released a few hours ago
  6. shadi1989

    DSM 5.0 News

    Anyone tried making a VMware or VirtualBox version of DSM 5.0 ? i've tried but not succesful, error 13 while installing through webpage.