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  1. Regarding this "HDD never goes into hibernation" thing on N40L XPENOLOGY, I read from somewhere else about a potential solution. It says that synology would not get into hibernation so long as a USB drive is attached. So the quickest solution would be take out the USB boot drive after staring up the unit. But, you will not be able to reboot if you have a power loss or something. Or, we can install the OS on a SSD or SATA DOM, and add the drive to the fifth SATA position, i.e, the optical drive slot. Then change BIOS to boot from this slot. But, to make such a boot SSD or boot SATA DOM, winImageWriter would not work. We will need to use a command line program called "physdiskwrite". Just some suggestion. I will give it a spin with a CF card acting like a SATA DOM. Of course, I need to order a CF to SATA adaptor from Amazon first....
  2. I know this is slightly off topic, but after playing around with XPENOLOGY and HP N40L for a while, I keep on thinking if we can do the same thing with QNAP OS, i.e., installing QNAP OS on other hardwares....If so, that would be rather fun, imagine a PC running dual QNAP OS and SYNOLOGY OS, and no one has to choose between these two any more. I did some research, and found QNAP OS can be directly flashed upon Cisco NSS 322, 324, 326 series (discontinued products after Cisco left NAS business). Also, someone on QNAP forum claims that the QNAP OS for TS-659 would work on the following motherboards: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P, and Gigabyte EP43-UD3L, and supermicro X7SPA-H, without having to work on the kernel mod. I guess the theory is the same as XPENOLOGY, so long as a mb has the same SATA controller and LAN chip (must be dual lan physically), the OS would recognize any box as the real thing. Considering the surpermicro board is only 180 bucks on amazon, I may well take it for a spin...still need to buy a mini itx box though...will see. Still, just a stranger thought after a few long nights tweaking with XPENOLOGY.