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  1. Hello, Just wanted to share that the HBA synoboot fixed the issue i had with a P410 card. Thanks a lot for this incredible work.
  2. Hi everyone, Just wanted to know if some of you were using a P410 card in their N54L and if they are, did you succeed in installing DSM ? Thanks ! EDIT : Tried the Beta 5, and everything works !
  3. So, i was able to find today's password and log in. It seemed that volume was indeed found without a problem. I deleted my P410 raid configuration, instead of creating 1 logical volume of my 4 disks, i created 4 volumes with 1 disk each. Synology web assistant was able to install the .pat file and reboot. Reboot gave a lost config status. Then i tried with the Synology assistant application, same result. I don't know where to search for informations. EDIT (During Raid creation i can see errors telling synoacl has not been loaded, unable to mount with synoacl... and some message like synoacl_vfs synoacl_ext4 not loaded) Other EDIT I just gave a try with the latest beta from Trantor using the SAS/HBA .img everything looks to be working like a charm !
  4. regarding HP P410, i share the same problem from my N54L. it seems that synoboot.img is booting fine, looks like it can not see the volume. The only volume it seems to be able to see is called sdu which is the attached SCSI removable disk (aka USB key from which it boot). I wish i was able to login the synoboot and get more details.