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  1. wallacefung

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    yes, successfully migrated to 6.1.1 update 4. System installed in IDE-> 8GB CF
  2. wallacefung

    Wrong CPU reported by DSM

    I am very happy to see wrong CPU reported coz I have core2duo CPU only.
  3. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    IMG (USB image for installation on hardware) X64 Nano Boat DSM 5.0-4528 X64 this image is not a bootable image. I have written it by win32diskimager but I can't use it in a bare metal machine. Anyone can boot this image????
  4. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    DS3612xs Version : 5.0-4528 Released
  5. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    http://download.synology.com/download/b ... beta/4977/ Did anyone try 5.1beta 4977???
  6. wallacefung

    SynoLocker Ransomware Affecting DSM 4.3-3810

    Yes, it also happened in Hong Kong. I come from HKEPC forum and read a post in http://www.hkepc.com/forum/viewthread.p ... ra=&page=1 A user posted a photo to show his friend's genuine Syno NAS was infected by the same ransomware, Synolocker.
  7. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Yes you can! See signature for links. Thanks. Due to some misunderstanding in google translation, I clicked "Yes" directly in step3. It can still update to update1 without any error msg. Now it shows DSM-4493 update11 in system update page. Does it mean I have updated server successfully?
  8. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    Tested, it works on my hardware. Can I upgrade to Update 1 ???
  9. wallacefung

    Trial of Nanoboot (4493) -

    great, i am running with 4482 without any problem. I have migrated all data from Nas4free to nano-syno in 3days
  10. Can I install my OS into IDE HDD which is attached to ICH7M ?