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  1. No, sorry. I still have the N54L. Decided against the Gen10 and was looking at Gen8’s on ebay, but then moved house and now have room for a bigger server but don’t know what to get!
  2. Just checked, it's not 6.1, I'm on 6.0.2-8451.
  3. I'm running DSM 6 (6.1 I think) on my HP N54L, 3 x 4TB drives using SHR. If I buy a Gen10 microserver, is it as simple as putting in the usb boot drive, put the hard disks in the same order and everything will be as it was? I read this was the case with N54L -> Gen8, but the Gen8 is now out of stock everywhere. I need a microserver due to the location, there's not room for a tower server. Will there be a noticeable performance upgrade over the N54L? I'm just running Plex and Synology SS. Thanks.
  4. Bit of advice please. I upgraded from 5.0 to 5.2 (update 1) and started the upgrade to 6.0 using v1.1 of Jun's loader (on a N54L). Following the instructions on here, but on step 9, I'm seeing the status as "migratable" in the Syno Assistant, but when connecting I'm only seeing an option to Install, not migrate. There's a message saying "We've detected that the hard drives of your current DS3615xs had been moved from a previous DS3615xs and installing a newer DSM is required before continuing". I don't want to lose any data (I can live with reinstalling packages etc), do I click install a
  5. Running on a N54L and I'm going to update to 6.0 but I'm still on 5.0. Which version of 5.2 do I need to upgrade to first - any of them? It's been a while since my last upgrade (4.3 - 5.0), so I can't remember if it loses config/settings for packages (specifically Couch Potato, SABnzdb, Sickbeard and Plex), will any get lost between 5.0 - 5.2 - 6.0 ? Thanks
  6. You have to select the .pat file, then click OK to upload it before running that command, otherwise it won't exist.
  7. Usual way - put image onto USB stick, boot up server, Use Synology assistant to migrate to DSM 5.0 using the .pat file with the image. Done it myself a couple of days ago and didn't lose any settings for Plex/SB/CP/HP/SAB. The only thing that broke was PlexConnect but a quick uninstall/reinstall of that got it working again.
  8. Have you installed the Synocommunity Python package? Remove the Synology one if installed, it's not needed.
  9. Look in the BIOS on whatever hardware you're using - it shows the real MAC address in the HP Bios, just press F12 or F10 when it boots up (I forget which key).
  10. I installed 4.2 for this reason, but soon realised I didn't need Video Station at all with Plex. Have you tried running that instead, or is there a reason you need Video Station?
  11. Not knowing much about SHR, I created a SHR single disk volume with a 250GB disk. I later added 2 x 4TB disks thinking I could create a second SHR volume, but realised that wasn't possible. So I added one disk into the volume, then when done removed the original 250GB disk and repaired the volume so that it's now healthy again. What will happen if I put this disk back into the server as it contains SHR info. Will it just allow me to create a new volume on it, or will I have to format it somehow before re-introducing it? Thinking more about it, I guess I could remove both 4TB disks, put in
  12. Thanks, was hoping that was the case. I've changed the vendor file, now expanding SHR with 2 x 4TB disks. I love XPEnology!
  13. Hmm.. what happens if you don't remove the USB stick? I missed this part. I was concerned something might have installed to it, so I reformatted the stick, put the DSM 4.2 image back on and everything still seems fine. Anything I should be concerned about?
  14. Boot the N54L and press F12 to access the BIOS settings. Press the down arrow a couple of times on the first page and it has the real MAC address listed.