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  1. Just to add, my newer build is based on the 104b bootloader, and with a i5-8400 (Hex) : I am able to successfully leverage 6/12 cores/threads out of virtual machine manager. It's also worth noting that I HAD to switch to the 104b bootloader, as with the 102b bootloader (using DS3517), I couldn't get server 2016 and 2019 VMs to not kernel panic on boot when using 102b. I wasn't able to verify 103B, as I couldn't get it to recognize either my I
  2. I was able to confirm your results. I built 6.2 in a VMWare machine on a host that had two 8 core / hyperthreaded procs. (32 allocatable cores to virtual machines, as it was 32 total threads) I was able to get VMM running in that DSM VM, create a machine, and i was able to allocate more than 8 cores to the VM. My assumption is that that will translate the same if DSM was running bare metal, and a 6 or 8 core proc isn't a waste. Appreciate the response, and help!
  3. Hey there, That being said, is your Xeon a quad? I follow that it goes by threads as compared to cores, but my i5 is non-hyper threaded. I'm assuming, your Xeon is a quad, non-hyper threaded, as well. When you were on your pentium dual-core, were you using the 3615/3617, or the other one (never used the smaller one, forget the model) ? Were either your xeon or Pentium hyper threaded? I'm curious to know if anyone has a hex or octo where VMM will go PAST the limit of 2x4=8, (VMM basic will 2x allocatable cores per thread) and lo
  4. Hey all, Looking for clarification on CPU thread / core count in VMM. I cant find anything specific in the forum search. I understand the processor ID/core count in DSM is cosmetic, however, curious if anyone is running a 6 core processor, and seeing the allocatable cores in VMM higher than 8. I have an i5-4440, which is a quad, non-hyper threaded, running the standard VMM which will double the cores to 8. (pro would quad it to 16 i think). Looking at a new build, but I'm assuming there's no point to getting a hex or octo core, as the VMM is goin
  5. Hey man, I would agree, i was thinking although i only have 2 onboard sata, the chipset called for potentially four. My mobo (ASRock H81M-ITX) is an ITX board, so there's only one PCI-E switching it around others. I guess with what I'm left with is the classic "well it worked the way i wanted it until i upgraded it", but i can live with the two blank slots. The only thing I'm still on, is that in 5.2, it ordered the SAS card first (slots 1-8), THEN the sata ports( slots 9-10). In 6.1, that's reversed, and no changes were
  6. Ok, So disabled my Esata port via Bios on the mobo, and got my drive back. What confuses me is how this drive was recognized as esata in the "info pane". My initial though was this slot was being pushed to essentially a slot "13" which wasn't visible. killing off the actual esata port would support that theory, as it's freed up, but what confuses me is how this drive was recognized as esata in the "info pane" originally. Still, i can't for the life of me figure out how two ports on the board, and 8 on the SAS card = slots 3+4 being "dead" to DSM.
  7. This was how they were mapped in 5.2, (ignore the errors, different issue that day ) (one two drives failed, so there may be a difference on them) Note drives 9 and 10 are now drives 1 and 2.
  8. Hey all, Just updated from 5.2 to 6.1.3, (using 1.02b bootloader, DS3617xs ) and all is well with the exception of one drive's port now being mapped as an esata drive. I have two SATA 6.0 ports on my mobo ( ASRock H81M-ITX ) and an IT-mode LSI 9211-8i, giving me 10 total ports. There is one actual esata port on the board, but i don't think it's a factor, nor am i using it. Slot 8 of the LSI card is being seen as an esata or external drive that shows in the "info" tab in the GUI. (At least it was slot 8 in 5.2) I've attempted the following tries
  9. Hi all, Been searching through the pages for anything on a solution to when the resource monitor doesn't show network activity. Only cosmetic, obviously, because I'm connecting with no issues, but would be nice to see my bandwidth. All other activity in the monitor is responsive, no problem. Just network sits at 0 up / 0 down. I'm running 5.2-5592 on a ASRock H81M-ITX with an onboard Qualcomm Atheros AR8171, which is in the supported list for NICs. If it matters, I'm running an i5 Haswell with an LSI 9211-8i sitting in a Norco ITX-s8. For testing, i had created an