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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 - Loader version and model: Jun 1.03b - DS3615xs and also DS3617XS (for testing) - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Additional comments: Clean install and upgrade works fine - Installation type: BAREMETAL - on a Supermicro X11SAE-M / i5 6400T
  2. Goodmorming folks, Got a xpenology "machine " based on Juns loader1.02b (916+) and its works great (also hw decoding). But recently i removed my mediacenter so i have 2x (2TB) new hard drives for this machine I have "migrate" the data to the 3x 3tb (raid 5). But DSM would reconize only 1 drive. Its seems dsm wont reconize all the sata port on the motherboard. Its a Supermicro X11SAE-M motherboard based on a C236 Chipset (8 SATA3 (6Gbps) via C236) So its using only 1 controller I have already read Polanskiman his turorials but icant find what part i d
  3. Cs-Freak

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    After the reboot both of the NIC's wont show up anymore. I will look for my serial rs232 te see what console is telling me
  4. Cs-Freak

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I will test it tonight and will give you a feedback. Thnx for the modifed settings in the loader
  5. Cs-Freak

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanx Jun for the newest loader 1.02-alpha and Polanskiman for his tutorial how to install. Its working like a charm on my Supermicro X11SAE-M motherboard with a i5 6400T / 16Gb DDR4. And still no bugs found on this release