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  1. hello! i seem to be missing something. all the talk in this topic is about the extra.lzma for jun's loader 1.03a2 for ds918+ image. however, on jun's topic there is available only loader 1.03b for other ds versions. where cane we get a loader for ds918+? i am trying to test this on an asrock j3455b itx board. thanks!
  2. Yes, that is what I am thinking also. The only downside is Owncloud is not that fast, like Synology Moments app, and it also takes a butload of time to update library f I add different photos on the server that are not on the phone.
  3. Thank you for the interest in this matter. For the time being i am already running windows 10 enterprise, iis and ftp services, plex working, utorrent running, owncloud 8 running in xampp. I would lime to find an alternative to owncloud. In the next few weeks i will have a very important family event so i will postpone the omv i stall and testing. Oh, and i am using 2 x 2tb hdds in windows storage spaces, mirrored with REFS. I chose this hardware because i was running an older intel d2700 atom cpu that was not able to transcode one 1080p bluray. Now i can
  4. This is not possible on new apollo lake core processors. All my videos are h.264. It happens because the latest loader does not have video drivers of integrated gpu. Thus it can' access gpu facilities like hardware gpu transcoding.
  5. Hello IG-88, I will check if it is able to use hardware video transcoding in Plex. Thanks!
  6. Hello! I have since turned to windows 10 enterprise to hold my NAS server. Plex pass hadware transcoding is working GREAT on this configuration. I can run 20mbit/s .h264 1080p video streams through my hardware.
  7. Hello. when running a movie through Video station, hardware decoding is not working, as I can't see the specific process. So no, it is not working. But this topic is about hardware video transcoding. This is needed for streaming videos over the internet with the help of plex media server. I have since installed windows 10 Enterprise and I am now trying to find an application similar to Synology Moments to backup photos and have access to the photos on the server.
  8. Hello Haldi, I also sent you a PM, maybe, if you have some spare time, have a look into my topic here: and see if you can help us with some intermediate or extra steps to take so hardware transcoding works? For hardware transcoding I Understand that process "gst-launch-1.0" has to run while watching a movie in Video station. and not ffmpeg. ffmpeg means it is running software transcoding. Please check this. Also, I see the result from checking activation has changed after you switched CPUs. did you do any other changes (hardware/software) t
  9. Hi goodwu, Please read point A. in the first pot. Everything you need is there.
  10. D. I am now starting the exploration in the missing /dev/dri folder.
  11. Hello dear forum members. In the last year or so I have been using a NAS based on an ASRock AD2700B-ITX motherboard with a 2TB HDD. Because Plex could transcode only 720p video files, I opted to upgrade to an ASRock J3455B-ITX motherboard. Current configuration: ASRock J3455B-ITX motherboard 1x 4gb ddr3 sodimm with 4gbit chips WD20EARX HDD 2TB Also included in the box - 12V 10A power supply to power up the NAS and a TPlink Archer C7 router. I first used to run DSM 5.2. I have since upgraded to DSM 6.1.4 update 5 with Jun
  12. Gold evening. Were you able to make any new tests? Any success?