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  1. Hello endormmc Thank you for your reply. 1. Just one USB boot loader i used. 2. I did remove all hard drive and disable ASUS Logo screen. Nothing shows up. 3. How do I do the checking? And in the case that it is the pat issues how can fix it now since i can not start with HD connected. 4. I did clear the bios and clear cmos but did not work too. I think the HDD is okay, since unlikely i killed 4 HDD at once, and i did connect the HDD via a USB 6x docking and can identify the Hard Disk. Since I am using SHR wonder how i can ba
  2. Hello, I followed the instruction to upgrade from 6.0.2 to 6.1.7. Step I did. 1. use Ubuntu to identify the Network Card MAC and USB VID and PID 2. create an USB with the DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img image and updated the Grub.cfg with the information together with my serial number. 3. Boot the USB disk and use another PC to access the webpage. 4. Install with Manual Attachment of DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat file. 5. Finish running 100% and going to reboot. 6. STUCK :- in ASUS Logo Screen (the one requesting for F2 and Del) can not get into bios.
  3. Hello Guys, Any update? I am running xpenology 4.3 (Trantor) with hardware: ASUS H87I-PLUS 4 x SATA 1 x SATA for dual boot 1 x SATA for DVD Please help on WOL and HDD Hibernation
  4. Happens same to me. when activate power up on pcie event (WOL) and shutdown it restart after 1-2 seconds. have Asus H87I-PLUS as well. Inaddition the Hard Disk does not seem to go into hibernation. Please help.