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  1. << robjo wrote:To add a serial I edited the menu_alpha.lst file and added the serial number in the section as below title gnoboot-alpha root (hd0,0) kernel /zImage sn=B3JN12345>> Thanks! It worked for me. I now have a Serial Number.
  2. First I'd like too thank gnoboot for all his work on this release. I am somewhat of a newbie but was able to get DSM 5.0 4458 running on Virtualbox. I used the following process: 1. Extracted gnoboot-alpha10.3-vfat.7z 2. Converted gnoboot-alpha10.3-vfat.img to xpenology5.vdi ( ... rtual.html ) 3. Downloaded Synology Assistant and DSM_DS3612xs_4458.pat from Synology 4. Setup VitualBox VM (viewtopic.php?f=2&t=17 ) 5. Run VM - Choose (gnoboot-alpha resulted in error when running Synology Assistant) 6. Run Synology Assistant 7. After reboot you can let gnoboot-alpha run I only have two issues: 1. Undefined video Mode - When booting xpenology there is a message for undefined video mode and requires you to wait 30 seconds or choose a video mode. Is there a way around this? Not really an issue - but it would be nice to not have to wait or enter something. 2. Serial Number – I don’t know how to enter a serial number. The serial number is empty. I’ve looked at the .img file and used WinSCP against running xpenology and can’t find the grub.conf. How do I enter a serial number?
  3. Thanks z-vap. I'm not sure what I missed. Maybe I didn't reboot after loading Ext2Fsb. I thought I had but that's the only thing that makes sense. I don't really know if the serial number are tied to the MAC addresses but I wouldn't think they would be. I think running multiple DSMs would require changing the MAC address and serial number, but also if you want to make the DSM available on the internet.
  4. I am trying to Edit my Serial Number and MAC address. I've installed Xpenology under Windows 7 64-bit and using Oracle VM Virtualbox. When I try to use WINSCP the vendor file isn't available. I've tried using IMDisk and when I mount the .vmdk I get an error saying the drive needs to be formatted (volume doesn't contain a recognized file system). I even downloaded a trial version of VMWare Workstation and tried to "Map Virtual Disk" and get the same error message as IMDisk.