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  1. I don't know if this is common information, but old pat file can be find on the ftp.
  2. Here the same on a N40l Native.. After reboot I got everything back.. but indeed the user permissions where gone.. no further problems now! will reboot tomorrow to check if settings will stick.
  3. I just go a N40L and tested you DSM 5.0.. I got a GRUB error 22 at the end..
  4. I would like to try dsm 5.. now i am running 4.3, but booted with a CD.. USB is not working for me.. i really tried everything to get it booting with USB.. the complete system freezes when i insert the USB.. That's the reason of my long story above!
  5. I have a spare pc left.. but boot from USB is not working well for me.. Now I have used an ISO version I found here on the forum and burned a CD.. but is still think this isn't the way it should work. All this is very new for me.. What is the best way to install this on a spare PC.. The way i installed it now give me several errors.. "synoboot stop buzzer button pressed.." I found a update to get rid of this error, but no way to install this.. I have a small hdd (40gb) and would like to install the os on that.. Whats the best way to work..? install a linux distro and use a vm solution..?
  6. Thank you for this iso version.. my spare pc wouldn't boot from usb.. complete pc froze when i insert the usb.. with you iso i was able to burn a cd and got everything up and running.. Now i see a .ko file to update some issues.. how can i do such thing? viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1700&start=110
  7. any news regarding this issue? USB is not working for me.. so i installed with CD.. this is booting fine.. but the browser kicks me out sometimes.. (not authorized to use this service)
  8. Finally got this running thanks to @hussain for creating this ISO.. USB isn't working well for me.. so a cd was my saving! viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1967
  9. I am trying to install XPEnology on my spare pc but it hangs on start up.. When the USB is in the pc.. it doesn't boot at all.. Is there something I can try? I am not able to compile from source, so I hope someone can help me out! Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have a Abit IP35 Motherboard.. With the USB in the pc, it get stuck on first screen.. Is there a driver avalible for this motherboard?