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  1. Thanks Trantor, upgraded to v1.0 update4, with modules from v1.1 - NFS working like a charm now just to fix that CIFS..
  2. I'm having kernel traceback in regards to NFS module on boot as well when working with NFS in GUI, can't paste it now as I'm not at home.. Ok if not beta then v1.1?
  3. Thanks Trantor, I'm waiting for this to be fixed together with NFS (which has been fixed already), I know you're doing this on your own free time but you think I should upgrade from the ESXi v1.0 to the v1.1beta to get NFS working or rather wait some weeks for cifs to be fixed? BR
  4. Hello guys, I'm pretty new to the Xpenology stuff, however I'd like to kindly ask you if there is any safe way how to upgrade Trantor's XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810 (ESXi v1.0) to the v1.1 (or v1.1beta4) without loosing my data on ESXi 5.5. I'm having issues with NFS and CIFS/samba on the v1.0 and seems that NFS should be corrected in the v1.1 - no info about samba/cifs issues though.. (I can't mount any shared folder from other nas/pc/servers within LAN to the Xpenology, and also I'm having problems to mounting shared folders from Xpenology on other Linux systems whereas it works on other NAS and/or on Win). If there's no way how to simple upgrade should I just remove all mapped devices to the Xpenology, install new 1.1 from the scratch to the ESXi and mount disks? Thanks