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  1. Hi is there any tutorial to make a bootloader? I would work to make a DS918+ compabible bootloader.
  2. tamamma

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I would do the opposite DS3615xs to DS915 due to hardware that i have. It would be nice have the DS918+ loader that could support hardware acceleration for plex and Hardware Encryption Engine (AES-NI) of my Intel Celeron J3455
  3. One question, the once i've done the usb with loader, when I install the dsm, does it go on the free space on the usb drive or in the hard disks i've inside the nas?
  4. tamamma

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi there, I've setted up a DS3615xs with DSM 6.0.2-8451 with 1.0.1 Loader I would like to change to DS915 with 1.0.2b loader what have i to do? Is there any way to do this change without losing data?
  5. Just a question... I'm trying to make wol working but on dsm 6.0.2 i can't find /USR/SYNO/etc/rc.d/ path, on etc there is just a rc.sysv folder. What is the right path where i should put the script? Thank you
  6. OK now i understand. Thank you. Here they says that for DS3615xs SHR is not supported in DSM 5.1-5021 and later... But ont DSM 6.1 manual SHR is still there. Just a question, if i made a 2hdd raid1 can i expand it to raid5 if i add one more hdd?
  7. So is better not using SHR since Synology is going to deprecate it?
  8. Here i found this viewtopic.php?f=0&t=5026&p=68767&hilit=intel_pstate#p68977 that talks about a script that make cpu burst working. Someone should try with newer cpus
  9. I'm going to make new NAS and i'm choosing the Mainboard: Asrock J3455-ITX for 97Eur Asrock Q1900-ITX for 89Eur Wich do you suggest with compatibility and performance? I'm going to have 2 wd RED 3TB for Photo Safe Backup and one more old 250GB for movies ecc to use with plex. It looks from the forum that the j3455 works without supporting cpu burst so at 1.5Ghz isn't it? I see that DS416play have N3060 and sinology says "Dual Core 1.6 burst up to 2.48 GHz" so looks that this model supports CPU Burst. It will be interestig knows if is possible to port its DSM too, for using these new Asrock MB. I've the Q1900DC-ITX ... just curious whether the J3455 has a reasonable or negligible benefit over the J1900. hmmm...looking at Intel page, I would say negligible. I wouldnt upgrade from J1900 I just got one for myself because my 212j was so slow on 6.0 that i dont even turn it on. It takes at least 10 minutes to start it. CPU one CPU runs at 1.5 and another at 2.0 RAM and Video The only difference I see is in RAM and Video Card (from what I understand video card is not used in transcoding...i'm not sure). You can install 1866mhz ram that can help with speed. SATA2 Ports Also Q1900DC-ITX has 2xSATA3 and 2xSATA2 ports where J3455 has 4xSATA3 ports. I dont think you will saturate those SATA2 speeds, but who knows if you want to add SSD drives, that could be an issue. Asrock J4205 i dont think i would go for J4205. Its much more expensive and the only difference is baseclock and a little bit better video card.
  10. Would be nice, DS916+ supports new Intel cpu, with hardware encoding and encryption.
  11. Wich Intel CPU are supported in all their features? J4205-ITX Intel Apollo Lake J3455-ITX Intel Apollo Lake J3710-ITX Intel Braswell J3160-ITX Intel Braswell I would like to know if they're supported with all cores and CPU Burst because, in the forum there are misunderstanding about these things. Synology new models like DS916+ nas are on Intel N3710 and supports Transcoding with PLEX with AVC, HEVC and AES-NI hardware encryption. Would be nice use these features for me
  12. What about Cores? How many cores are used? Does support PLEX transcoding? Tnx
  13. This is an interesting solution, to have for example DSM and since it does not support hardware acecleration(tell me if i'm wrong), install an Operative System that supports it with PLEX or XBMC, on another HDD. Suggestions?
  14. So finally i don't know what to do. I would use raid 1 and PLEX server. what does esperts suggest? wich mainboard?
  15. Salve a tutti, avevo gia postato nel gruppo internazionale ma non ho ricevuto risposta, vorrei fare un Nas con 4hdd ed avrei scelto questa scheda madre, ma prima di acquistarla vorrei sapere se è supportata o c'è qualcosa che non funziona con xpenology: ASRock J3455 oppure la J4205 che mi pare sia uguale ma abbia solo processore superiore. Vorrei installare direttamente DSM 6, che ne dite? Grazie in anticipo a tutti.