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  1. I cannot find this release. It has to be here, I've seen it. It contains drivers for FTDI.
  2. Oke, thanks all. I'm interested in v3 and v4, because the FTDI drivers are provided. In that way I van use my Smartreader to read my cablecard.
  3. I'm on 4.2 and want to update to 4.3 update 4, for the drivers. I've read about the procedure here. Before I start I want to understand what I am doing. If I download the update through DSM, and not install it and then enter the provided code in Putty. Will it install the original synology? What to do with the synoboot-3810-pre-v1.1_v4.img file and the 'modules' folder provided in the beta v4 download?
  4. In the changelog there are two mentions of a Yukon NIC. The first being simply called Marvell Yukon, the second Yukon 2 with some typenumbers after it. The Acer H340 contains the Marvell Yukon 88E8071 NIC. If not, is there any chance this NIC will make it into a future release? I'd like to know this before buying a VGA adapter for it.
  5. Both questions answered. Updating seems risky, and I am happy with it now, so I will let it. Adding sata card is easy, if I understood it correctly. Just putting in a supported card. Thanks!
  6. I've just succesfully installed 4.2 on an AMD E-450 ITX motherboard. The motherboard has 5 SATA ports that were recognised during install. Everything seems working like it should and I an very happy with it. I have two questions: 1 Out of curiosity: what will happen when I click to update DSM from within the interface? 2 Can I add a supported SATA controller after installation?