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  1. I will give this a try in the next days and will post the result also this dosn't work. Booting from a separate hdd give the same result. I will know switch back to 5.2
  2. I will give this a try in the next days and will post the result
  3. I checked all Bios options 10 times and as another User wrote a few posts ago, there are no usb security settings. In this bios you will find usb only in boot order and you can disable/enable boot from removeable Media. Can the loader be started from an other Environment or somthing else?
  4. According to the link provided earlier ( the problem seems to be related to Grub. Reading through the comments in that link it seems that Grub doesn't work when used on a usb stick but it does when used with an HDD or CDROM (exclude the CDRom as an option because the boot drive needs to be writeable). This said that link is not specific to your hardware but reading around internet is telling me that your specific machine has issues booting in linux environments when booting from a USB. As a test you can try creating a ubuntu live usb (https://www.ubuntu.
  5. Ahh okay. But what is the differente between such a bay and a usb Stick or how high is the chance that this will work?
  6. I need all sata ports so using one for only booting the machine issn't what I want. @Polanskiman All BIOS settings are as you suggested. Also forcing USB via boot menu ends in the same result. If I prepare the stick with Grub via RMPrepUSB it also dosn't work. Running syslinux (or 5.2 loader) is no problem.
  7. also tried this. same result. burn 5.2 iso with rufus and it boots up directly. thank you for your time so far
  8. I now used an old 512 MB stick. Same problem. Booting 5.2 is okay with this. So I think the grub is the problem. Question again: can i start the new loader with syslinux instead of grub somehow?
  9. The sticks are okay. They booting 5.2 in front or back. BIOS reset didn't work. I tried to create s bootable syslinux stick. This works and also running the zImage but I think this is not the right way!? Is it posible to merg the new loader with syslinux boot? Thank you so far
  10. I still have problems booting with by 2 HP DC 7900 Baremetal. After selecting USB in bootmenu there is only a blinking cursor in top left. I tried 2 Differenz sticks, different software to burn the image and the 2 machines. I also tried different loader versions and the lagacy loader in one of the first posts. I find no lagacy option in bios. Also no uefi. I did a bios update also. Booting with 5.2 is working with no problem. Any solution or hint? Thx
  11. bmwfreak8

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I have the exact same problem. Booting on 5.2 works with no problems. I have a older HP Bios. I can't find a UEFI setting. what did you mean with CSM?