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  1. wollte nun auch einmal mein Xpenology-DSM (derzeit 5.0-4558 Update 2) auf den aktuellen Stand bringen und erhalte leider ebenfalls die Fehlermeldung "Während des Updates ist ein vorübergehender Verzeichniszugrifffehler (2) aufgetreten" habe zwar diesen Thread dazu gefunden, leider funktionieren die Links zur tu-Chemnitz wie auch zu nicht mehr...... wie ist denn bitte aktuell für ein Update vorzugehen, bzw wo finde ich den aktuell die betreffenden Anleitungen und Files? Danke im Voraus Manfred
  2. Next beta will use this build (4.3-3827) can you please provide a link, where I'll find "the next beta" Thanks msmn
  3. Next beta will use this build (4.3-3827) can you please provide a link, where I'll find "the next beta" Thanks msmn
  4. unfortunately I could not get too much help on the above so far. Hence, can someone please confirm/clarify, whether the above described configuration/setting for my N54LServer during Linux boot-process: "SATA max UDMA/133" respectively "configured for UDMA/133" is correct or (what I´d rather suspect) some Kind of safety Settings due to whatever other Problem I may have? Thank you in advance msmn
  5. I did already check the BIOS Settings...they are OKAY. msmn
  6. on my new N54L (with patched BIOS/Settings, including e.g. SATA: up to 3GB, AHCI,...) with 4 SATA HDDs i installed DSM 4.2 initially and had Transfer rates at 80-100 MB/sec (over several 100 GB!) Thereafter I upgraded to DSM 4.3 and now my Transfer rate is down to 40-50GB/sec (I didn´t Change nothing in the BIOS!) Even after a complete reset/new Installation of DSM 4.2, the Transfer rate is still "only" 40-50GB/sec.....during boot process I now spotted the following messages for all SATA Ports: "SATA max UDMA/133" respectively "configured for UDMA/133" Could anyone please support how to arrive back at the earlier Transfer rates? Thanks in advance msmn
  7. Hi All, can someone please explain how to upgrade from 4.3 v1.0 to 4.3 v1.1? I prepared a new USB-stick with v1.1 and rebootet the Server with it....anything else to be done (I could not find a .pat file for v1.1) Thanks for your help, msmn