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  1. Hi Nokian82uk, If the following features work proper in your system. 1. idle HDD spin down 2. Wake up from network.
  2. Hi Andy, thank you so much for all your work! So far, I have tested XPEnology DSM 4.1 build 2668 with the GIGABYTE GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H motherboard with Ion chipset and Realtek RTL8111C gigabit ethernet. When using the onboard Realtek RTL8111C ethernet controller, the XPEnology is not recognized by Synology Assistant. I will test with more motherboards and report back. I agree with colombodk mentioned. Perhaps it would be a good idea to include ethernet model/chip and sata-controller model/chip in the table of tested motherboards: http://wiki.xpenology.hostteam.hu/index ... therboards Again, thank you for your work and it works very well on VMBOX except USB issue.
  3. Hi XoN, Thank you for your advise for me in another subject. But I'm still confused by the below questions. If anyone can help me on this. thanks. 1. How did you modify your USB flash with Nighthawk's zimage file. I got a format notice when I was trying to open my USB flash with XPEnology boot image in Windows. 2. Where I can find the Vender file, I extracted XPEnology image, but didn't find that file.
  4. first many thanks and respect for this project !!! I had tested the synoboot.vdi in a vmbox and it working fine, now I'm testing some mainboard´s direct Here is one question: do I need to modify MAC adress in synoboot.img for a physical machine.