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  1. Hi, where can I download the files to do the tutorial of this post? DS411-1067-x86-20130525.img DS411-1067-x86-20130525.pat Regards
  2. Hi, thanks for you answer. I saw yesterday after my post the process with nanoboot to update to 5.0-4528 and 5.1-5004, so as you say I could update to 5.0-4528 with the option install/update of nanoboot and after update with sed to 5.0-4528 update 2. It work perfect. I tryed with 5.1-5004 too, but although I could upgrade, I have the problem with the volumes, this is the result: Post init Init: Unable to mount /dev filesystem: No such device ===== Start udevd ====== ===== Trigger device plug event ===== And in DSM I not have any volumes to create. Regards
  3. Hi, I have DSM 5.0-4458 with update 2 in virtual box that the instructions for this post and after update, is possible to update to 5.1-5004? I try with the process for update 2 whit sed command but not work. I tried with other versions like 4482 and the command, but not work: sed 's/flashupdateDeb/flashupdateDeb1/' /autoupd@te.info > /autoupd@te.info1 mv /autoupd@te.info1 /autoupd@te.info I get the error: sed: /autoupd@te.info: No such file or directory I do a lot of installations of applications and I prefer do in my virtual machine before in my DS 214play, so
  4. Ok, gracias, y qué opción usas y cómo aparece? En la opción de búsqueda de registros donde salen todos no veo ningún intento de conexión externo Saludos
  5. Hola, ¿puedes poner dónde lo miras? En la versión 4.3 estaba el syslog, pero ahora con las últimas versiones lo que he visto parecido es una opción en el centro de asistencia que me baja un archivo debug.dat, pero el contenido no es legible, así que supongo que no es eso, ¿cómo puedo ver el registro con los intentos de conexión? Saludos
  6. Hi, yes, in vm works, but I wan6t test it in Pentium 4 machine with XPEnology in USB boot disk. I know, had a old version for 32bit but I don't found it. Regards
  7. Hi, I try isntall XPEnology in Pc with Pentium 4 but when I put the usb show this error: I try this link viewtopic.php?f=2&t=560 but the link are unavailable. Is possible to get version for i686 CPU or anybody can compile for 32 bits? Regards
  8. Ok, I understand. What you want say with DDNS? Thats is for dynamic DDNS and that I have solved in my router. Regards
  9. He, I was reading the posts about camera licenses... so my question is if is completely legal buy camera licenses for our XPEnology instalation. I wouldn´t like buy licenses and after not work. If we can do, then you can say cheap stores online to buy individual licenses? Thanks
  10. Hi I'm trying use DS Audio in my Android phone, but I need and Quick connect ID. When I go in XPEnology to Quick connect, the button to personalize is disabled. All remote aplicactions for Synology not are available on XPEnology? I am tested with the three versions with the same results: - XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810++ (repack v1.0) - XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.2 build 3211++ (repack v1.2) - XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.1 build 2668++ (repack v1.3a) Regards
  11. Hi, can you confirm if is possible to say power off/on the HP N54L? Regards
  12. Hi, I would like to know if with XPEnology the list of compatible SAI is the same or if depend of the device. I was thinking install in Hp Proliant N54L. I want buy a SAI that can turn off and power on my computer. Regards
  13. Thank for the information of this tutorial. Regards