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  1. could you provide a link where to find this generator? could not find it with search...
  2. ur63

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Thanks for quick reply! Boot order is set properly. Also tried single boot option from USB without success. Just installing ESXi this works like a charm, so dunno what's wrong with Jun's Image. Mounting Image as Virtual Drive on PC also does not seem to work - Shows error message when trying to open drive
  3. ur63

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hello, Trying to install DSM6 thorugh Jun's Mod V1.01 on baremetal HP Microserver Gen8 (Celeron G1610T) I am experiencing problems. Installing img-File with WinDiskImager32 works without failure. When trying to boot from Stick, I get error message like "Non-System Disk" Is there any How-To "Install DSM6 on HP Microserver Gen8"? Usead search, but could not find anything. Support of any of the experts is appreciated.
  4. @Colletor1961 Hättest Du für mich als Neuling einen Tipp oder gar einen Link, wo das "hinlänglich bekannte Image" zu finden ist? Danke im Voraus.