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  1. I also tried to use the synoboot.vmdk from the latest loader! but no results.. did synology blocked the loader? anyone could please try?
  2. Will this work? I know i can boot a ready made DSM under Synology Virtual Machine Manager! but it lacks features, like surveillance station! So, if i use the latest v1.02b loader will it boot a clean DSM? any best settings? I've tested it with the default wizard vm creation, using the latest loader .iso! but it says there is "not a bootable disk"
  3. fosi

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Do you have network connection? If not, it is possible that you ran into the upgrade issue many had, which killed the network drivers. do you know if there is a fix for that upgrade issue?
  4. fosi

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    I've rebased the vendor changes on 3.10.77 to 3.10.102, seems still works. Awesome Jun! having a bit of trouble! can someone please help me on this? Just tried to reinstall the loader, at first everything seems fine, take a look... 1º boot with baremetal reinstall option 2º go and choose connect (it shows the ip mac and says migratable) 3º it says that "we've detected that the hard drives had been moved from a previous and installing a new dam is required" 4º i hit migrate and it starts to download and install 5º the system reboots and goes to
  5. hi all, i have a gigabyte h77n-wifi with an internal wifi adapter intel centrino n-2230! how can i enable the wifi ap on the DSM?
  6. fosi

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Maybe you can take this tutorial viewtopic.php?f=2&t=22100 thank you holybabel. miss that tutorial because it only mentioned migrating... will try osfmount! didn´t knew that
  7. fosi

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Sorry for bothering! but is there any comprehensive / detailed tutorial on how to baremetal load DSM 6.x for newbies? what i did but i think i've missed something: 1º download jun loader v1.0.1 2º extracted the files 3º burn the synoboot.img using win32diskimage to a usb pen 4º tried to edit grub.cfg vid/pid of usb pen (but i can´t! mounted the usb on linux, but nothing appears) can someone please help on how to do a solid baremetal install? thank you
  8. Does Virtualbox runs flawless on DSM? any caveats? i wanted to run two VM's one for DSM and one for Opnsense, with two NIC's pass-through
  9. 1º Virtual machine using VMWARE ESXI 2º Virtual machine using Virtualbox 3º Virtual machine using Proxmox 4º Virtual machine using Hyper-v 5º Baremetal what to choose? on a system with 3470 3.2ghz i5 h77 chipset with 8gb ram with full vt compliance and one ssd to run the OS. Is xpenology a stable choice? why the hell synology doesn't makes a comercial version of their OS?
  10. fosi

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hi all, can someone please helpme on how to make it work under vmware esxi? i've already tried to deploy using the v1.01 ovf and vmdk! but it fails with an "error uploading synoboot.vmdk to server IO error" did read the past posts, but can't find a "for dummys how to on this". sorry if missid some post...