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  1. No puedo. Me he tirado 2 semanas haciendo cosas, ya no se si seria capaz de replicar el proceso de reparacion. El de rotura seguro que si, pero el de reparacion....
  2. Arreglado Arranque en ubuntu, y con el comando mdadm, que es con lo synology gestiona sus raid, consegui sincronizar los discos. Luego con el comando btrfsck repare los datos. Ahora a copiar los datos y para la proxima MAS BACKUP
  3. Yes, it has so much power, technically. 6x20w(hd´s) + 65w(processor) = 185w full load The picopsu is 200w. The problem was the 220v~19v transformer that exploded. But the problem is finally solved. Startup in ubuntu, and with the command mdadm, which is with synology manages its raid, I managed to synchronize the disks. Then with the btrfsck command repair the data. Now to copy the data and for the next MORE BACKUP Thanks for the reply.
  4. hi, i come from here I have a PC for NAS with Xpenology. It´s six disks for RAID5. I decided to change the source for a PicoPsu the last sunday, which is smaller and less consumption, etc .... I changed it and when I boot 4 disks fail. I turn it off and look to see if I've let anything loose. I turn on and DSM say that the disk 2 is faulty. I turn off and look at the wires again. I turn on and it says to me again that the 2. I format it and I tell it to rebuild the RAID. During the rebuilding the new power source exploded, stopping everything: o: o. I leave the NAS as before, with
  5. Buenas, Tengo un pc haciendo de NAS. 6 Discos en RAID5. El otro dia decidi cambiarle la fuente por una PicoPsu, que es mas pequeña y menos consumo, etc.... Se la cambio y al arrancar me fallan 4 discos. Apago y miro a ver si es que me he dejado algo suelto. Enciendo y solo me falla el 2. Apago y vuelvo a mirar los cables. Enciendo y me vuelve a decir que el 2. Lo formateo y le digo que reconstruya el RAID. Durante la reconstruccion la fuente que habia puesto nueva explota, parandolo todo . Vuelvo a dejar el NAS como antes, pero ahora no me da ip. Arranco quitando el disco 1 y si
  6. 258/5000 Phenix6600, as duck says, its serious that you did a new post with title "cross driver DSM6 skystar 2 express hd" for example. So that it does not mix with this one and by the way explain how you have done it, the order of the modules, the firmware etc. a greeting
  7. If you look at this previous post, the driver is valid for more than one model and brand, maybe changing the firmware file works, although I suppose I will have to add modules, but for testing ..... a greeting
  8. hi Manuelin, de kodimania?? In the folder that has DSM6 contains a DVB-C that has the satellite modules compiled, which is not if you have the firmware m88ds3103. I was used to my TBS 6920. Even though it will not work, try this to see that it is free, is what I did but with your firmware:D :
  9. I owe you a pair of superbock obrigado
  10. i solved the problem the correct order is: insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/dvb-core.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videobuf-core.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videobuf-dma-sg.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/rc-core.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/v4l2-compat-ioctl32.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videodev.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/v4l2-common.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/tveeprom.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videobuf-dvb.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/btcx-risc.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/cx2
  11. List of errors: [ 20.627212] cx23885: Unknown symbol videobuf_streamoff (err 0) [ 20.627229] cx23885: Unknown symbol v4l2_norm_to_name (err 0) [ 20.627258] cx23885: Unknown symbol videobuf_poll_stream (err 0) [ 20.627269] cx23885: Unknown symbol video_ioctl2 (err 0) [ 20.627282] cx23885: Unknown symbol videobuf_read_stop (err 0) [ 20.627318] cx23885: Unknown symbol ir_raw_event_handle (err 0) [ 20.627347] cx23885: Unknown symbol dvb_ca_en50221_init (err 0) [ 20.627380] cx23885: Unknown symbol cx2341x_ext_ctrls (err 0) [ 20.627409] cx23885: Unknown symbol videobuf_
  12. Jejeje, i thinked this and i did the change, but the error list was bigger and i turned at first. how i did formatted the nas i am copying things. This night i reboot it and paste the ereors. Thanks
  13. hi, i´m in DSM6. I followed the same steps as before, but with your DSM6 drivers. 1º) Copy dvb-fe-cx24116.fw to /lib/firmware 2º) Copy this into /lib/modules/backports_dvb: dvb-core.ko videobuf-core.ko videobuf-dma-sg.ko rc-core.ko v4l2-compat-ioctl32.ko videodev.ko v4l2-common.ko tveeprom.ko videobuf-dvb.ko btcx-risc.ko cx2341x.ko cx23885.ko cx24116.ko 3º)I had to create the rc.local file. insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/dvb-core.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videobuf-core.ko insmod /lib/modules/backports_dvb/videobuf-dma-sg.ko insmod /lib/
  14. I think that he say that your drivers for DSM6 for dvb-c work for DVB-t or at least for tbs 6981