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  1. add new hdd

    no idea? how do you use xpenology in vmware or esxi if you cannot add more space or disks? Thanks,
  2. add new hdd

    Hi, I am very new in this. Can you please help me with some info. I had installed DSM 4.1 in esxi using one template downloaded from this forum. Everything works ok, BUT, i don't know how to add new disk. I created an disk in esxi for the virtual machine that runs xpenology, i restarted the machine, but the disk doesn't appear. By default, the xpenology template has 2 disks, 200mb for the boot partition and another one of 20GB. nd another question, even if i extended the 20gb one or add another one, in case of failure in the future, would this be an ext4 which i will mount in another linux and read the data? Thanks in advance guys, N