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    XPEnology gnoBoot

    I'm new to gnoboot... So every time I reboot the box I have to manually enter the 2 items (.me choice and the DSM 5 choice)? I have a monitor-less setup so are there any other ways to get around that?
  2. Trentor- Any idea when a DSM 5.0 may be coming? I don't ask as a "push" but rather I am getting antsy to upgrade but would rather go your method than gnoboot. I'd hate to go through the trouble of gnoboot then 2 days later you put your method out I'm mainly interested in the Chromecast streaming but it doesn't appear to work with the 5.0 beta...
  3. Does this build have working sleep/WOL? If so, are there common reasons for it not to work I should check for?
  4. Anyone finding "high" CPU usage coming from the Synocommunity Python? It is a constant 40-60% at all times which I don't remember having an issue with before...is it ok to run Synology's Python with the Synocommunity apps?