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  1. I copied the original vhd file again (2 times) and got it working! Thx! Are there any "preconfigured" files for DSM 4.3 ready2use with hyper-v?
  2. I currently switched from ESXi to Win2008 R2 with Hyper-V due higher power-consumption with ESXi on my N54L (33W vs. 12W in idle status). Everytime i shutdown the EXPenology and restart it, i get Error 22, so i have to replace the vhd file every restart. Is this occuring at anyone else?
  3. Mmmh, sounds good, but if i do that within an virtual machine, there is no usb stick mounted, so there is nothing to unmount?! But for sure i have a usb stick in the internal usb port which is has my esxi host system installed - would nit be a good idea to unmount it while esxi is running, wouldn't it?
  4. why do you want to change the mac adress? is it possible to activate HDD hibernate (spin down) while using esxi? I am using WD Green HDD (took it from WD Elements) and this hdd supports auto-hibernation by time. I enabled HDD Suspend by 20mins in XPEnology, But it seems not to be working in the N54L with esxi?!
  5. That is exactly what i do now, but i have an additional virtual HDD from my ESXi Datastorage (5GB) (NOT raw mapped) for synology apps and so on so that the raw HDD just has to do the storage-job! It seems to be working with the VM HDD and the raw mounted HDD on one SCSI Controller but there must be a reason why usually not hang them up on the same controller?! I dont know right know if its an error of xpenology (that it can only handle one scsi controler), or of my esxi configuration or maybe my bios setup (i use HP N54L with the modded bios)
  6. Did not work for me what worked right now is to map the virtual drive on 0:0 and the physical to 0:1 but souldn't you put the RDMs on a new SCSI controller?
  7. Hi! i managed to install xpenology 4.3 with the esxi release a few days ago on my HP microserver. i used XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810 (ESXi v1.1) from the forums and the PAT file from the original forums package. it took some time and some reading but i was able to mount my raw mapped 300GB HDD with paravirtual device and everything worked find for my testing purpose. yesterday i replaced the 300GB HDD with a 3TB one to start productive working in my home-envoirement but raw mapping doesnt work anymore, neither with the 300GB HDD, nor with the 3TB HDD. I did a raw mapping through this guide placed the vmdk file on my Datastorage Device and mapped it virtual on pvscsi 2:0 like in the idiots xpenology guide in this thread But xpenologic doesnt find any HDD by the system HDD which holds Volume1. Both HDDs are on GPT and i tryed with EXT4 Partion, Fat32 and without any Partition. Any suggestions how i can get i working again? I reinstalled even esxi and xpenology with a clean install. ### edit ### RAW Device is working if i disable the virtual System HDD... It seems, that it can recognize just one HDD beside the boot vmdk, so there must be a configuration misstake, but where?! Only second Harddrive will be recognized by DSM, if i switch the drives, it uses either 20GB Virtual HDD, or my 3TB RDM HDD but not both together, also a second raw mapped HDD is not recognized.