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  1. yes viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2146&p=10708#p10708 Do you have a motherboard from the same 'family'? My problems are also fixed since I'm using an intel nic
  2. In my case the cables al worked fine when the pc used for xpenology was just a win7 pc with network shares the only diffence is this case is the OS of the pc
  3. I've been thinking the same, but all the pc-shops in my neighbourhood only have cards whit a realtek port So I'm still searching for a decent card I've had to reinstall a couple times before I could copy without connection loss, and now It's still only at 20MB/s (even from USB) also copying over lan is limited to 20MB/s (gigabit switch and cat5.e cables) both read and write, but reading stops very quick I'm now running XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.2 build 3211++ (repack v1.2) from trantor
  4. I have more or less the same problem I can copy data to the nas, but when streaming media it looses connection (both on pc and xbian on raspberry pi) So I'm watching a serie or a movie (doesn't matter if it's SD or HD) and the playback just stops, If I'm copying at that moment, then that will stop to I have it running on an e35m1-m, so I see a common denominator here
  5. Bolle

    AMD APU ?

    Working on an asus e35m1-m here but still working on some issues (random disconnecting of external disk)
  6. I'm running in some troubles I have installed xpenology on an asus e35m1-m motherboard, and the installation went well, but now it keeps disconnecting First I installed XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.3 build 3810++ (repack v1.0), then I tried again with XPEnology DS3612xs DSM 4.2 build 3211++ (repack v1.2) but the same problem continues When copying from USB, It suddenly stops and gives the error massage that the map can't be found I get the notification that the disk wasn't ejected properly, and at exactly the same moment that a new disk has been found. When streaming media, I it suddenly stops playing But using my browser, the connection doen't fail Where do I have to search my problem?
  7. Ok thanks When building this setup with 5 disks I'll best install the dsm with only the single disk, and later adding the 4*4TB? Or it doesn't matter? Some question when rebuilding when an eventual crash has happened?
  8. Hello, I was going to by a synology nas till a friend gave me the hint of looking into XPEnology first, I would install this on hardware I still have lying arround, a asus E35M1-M with one 4GB bar of ram, which i suppose would be good enough. I'll have 4*4TB disks in raid 5, but is it possible to use my fifth SATA port for an extra disk for the dsm software, and the rest for not so vital temporary data? or does the dsm software load from the USB Stick? My main concern is what the consquences would be if this system crashes. Can I just build another system en then add the Harddisks and go on? How easy is it to upgrade the DSM software? I haven't got 4*4tb spare drives just lying around I'm sorry for these noob questions, this would be my first experience with XPEnology or DSM. Thanks in advance!
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