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  1. Same prob here...My gen10+ wont boot in legacy-mode with 3617...Tryed several boot-sticks but it still not working...
  2. Hello, I'm a little confused right now :-) I have a GEN8 Microserver on DSM 6.1.7. If I understand correctly I can install version 6.2.2/DS3615XS with 1.03b and extra_v05 without the need for an extra NIC. Does this also work with the current version 6.2.3? THX!
  3. Is this correct? DSM_RS? Same like DSM_DS?
  4. I Need it too...No Archive link from synology is still working...
  5. Also ich nutze den Loader nun schon seit mehr als einer Woche auf einem frisch aufgesetzten Microserver gen8 mit 4x3TB WD Red mit dem aktuellsten Update. Auch phpvirtualbox funktioniert mit Appache 2.4/PHP7 fehlerfrei. Installiert habe ich ihn als 3615xs. Mir hat sich nicht erschlossen, was es für vorteile bringt, wenn ich ihn als 3617xs installiert hätte. Bisher habe ich auch noch nicht gehört, dass dies mit diesem loader funktioniert.
  6. cyberdott


    Ich denke mit einer reinen NVME-SSD wirst Du kein glück haben. Du benötigst eine PCI-E SSD mit eigenem AHCI-Bios, dann sollte es funktionieren. Auch m.2 gibt es mit AHCI, diese sollten mit einem Adapter funktionieren. Samsung SSD SM951 256GB, M.2 (MZHPV256HDGL-00000) -> Die hat z.B. AHCI und hier der passende Adapter ... CQP38?th=1
  7. Hello, i did a clean install on a Microserver gen8 with 4x3TB WD Red. Everything is running perfectly for a week with latest update. Also phpvirtualbox runs well with Apache 2.4 / PHP 7. Great Work
  8. Also in vmware bekomme ich es gestartet nur leider ohne NIC-Unterstützung, da fehlen wohl noch die Treiber, welche ich aber leider nicht installiert bekomme...
  9. Hi there, I'm now switched from gnoboot to nanoboot and went so far quite well:-) The only thing I did not manage is my esata-port. This worked most recently with gnoboot 10.4. Under 10.5 it no longer worked. Unfortunately, now even with nanobott Her is my config: n54l with modified bios (latest version) 2 hard drives Perc H310 (cross flash to LSI 9211-8i) as HBA / IT mode with 4 hard drives So I have currently 6 hard drives and 2 empty bays = 8 bays I do not use the ODD-port The esata port is to be used as a backup-volume, currently a hard drive is connected but no
  10. I have both perc h310 and n54l in baremetal under gnoboot 10.5. But they are - two different baremetal xpenologies. Seriously speaking I do use h310 reflashed to 8211-8i/IT. Reflash procedure was rather complex. I had to consecutively flash it to latest dell's hba fw, then to 8211/IR and only third was 8211/IT. I used three different tool-chaines (dell's one, official lsi's and lsiutil correspondingly for those three stages). Also I used two different mobos (one with dos environment and other with efi-shell). And also had to cover two pins on pci-e. So I do not know if you can do it i
  11. Still no luck with my PERC H310 on 10.5... But i need 10.5 for Multimedia-Support And I Need my Backup-Volume So maybe It could also be helpfull to crossflash to an LSI 9211-8i firmware!? Someone else here with a n54l/perc h310 baremetal config?
  12. Try this from gnoboot: To load the multimedia drivers, put the following lines in /etc/rc.local. #!/bin/sh source /etc/rc.subr source /.gnoboot/modules.d/05-media.conf SYNOLoadModules $MEDIA_MOD
  13. No but doesnt work also...Here is the Output: CyberDisk> rmmod mpt2sas CyberDisk> insmod /lib/modules/mpt2sas.ko && dmesg | tail -n 50 [ 37.555625] ata1: EH complete [ 37.556591] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Write cache: enabled, read cache: enabled, doesn't support DPO or FUA [ 37.643176] usbcore: registered new interface driver dvb_usb_nova_t_usb2 [ 37.695116] HDHomeRun: Begin init, version 0.0.15 [ 37.711525] HDHomeRun: Waiting for userspace to connect [ 37.727298] HDHomeRun: End init [ 39.180914] EXT4-fs (sdu1): mounted filesystem without journal. Opts: nodelalloc,sy
  14. [quote name='"gnoboot Put the following lines in your /boot/grub/menu_alpha.lst kernel /zImage rmmod=ata_piix,r8169,r8169_new Sorry but it is still not working for me. Again ive attached the Debug log. 10_5 ( not working) [ 10.433168] sd_probe: Got UNKNOWN dev_prefix (sd)' date=' index (4), disk_name [b'](sde)[/b], disk_len (20) 10_4 (working) [ 11.305137] sd_probe: Got UNKNOWN dev_prefix (sd), index (6), disk_name (sdg), disk_len (20) The good News is that my cynergy t2 is working now Her some Screens: 10_4 10_5