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  1. It's in usbshare1/boot/grub folder. There are no usbshare1 for gnoboot when using the esxi image. usbshare1 is mounted as my external usb drive. The solution was to convert the vmdk file to img and mount it using OSFMount and then edit the file. after this, it is easy to convert back to vmdk and it works perfectly. dos anyone know why the PDMs are mounted as SSD in DSM?
  2. i got 5.0 with update 2 installed in esxi 5.5 using gnoboot-alpha10.3-custom-ESXi-vfat-flat.vmdk But i cant locate menu_alpha.lst so i can give it a serial. i have tried searching with winscp. but i cant finde it. anyone got a idea how to locate and edit this file?
  3. Did you set custom netbios name? Try set one. changing it, resolved the issue. Thank you for your help
  4. i am having problems with access to nas using \\diskstation, after updating to dsm 5.0 gnoboot. there are no problems using the ip directly, only \\diskstation. do anyone have an idea to what is wrong?
  5. i am also looking for a replacement for my current setup (i3 3220T, asrock H77M-itx) i´v found this as a possible replacement board. But i am not sure that it is compatible either.
  6. YOU ARE A GOD. Thank you very much for this fix. it worked like a charm.
  7. i am having the same issue too. DS file, cam, download, photo and video all work fine. But DS Audio reports "you are not authorized to use this service" any solution to this issue is much appreciate.
  8. i tryed to update to 4.3-3827 using the same method. but it fails. so it is a no go for now.
  9. i tryed to update to 4.3-3827 using the same method. but it fails. so it is a no go for now.
  10. Use DDNS to connect to your XPEnology instead.
  11. This works perfect. Just updated 4.3 3810 (Trantor 1.0) to 3810 update 3. Thanks for this info. Just updated to newly released 4.3 3810 Version 4 using the same method with any issues.
  12. i get a server error 38 when i try to install the pat file v2.1 if i access ip though a browser, its saying that there are no hard drives connected to the nas. i followed the guide to the letter. i even downgraded esxi to 5.1 from 5.5. but that didn't help what to do? please never minde.... my mistake
  13. I have trouble getting the external USB ports to work. the flash drive on the internal USB port is detected as esata. I have used nighthawks* 4.2 img / pat / modules for installation. *(thank you for your work) does anyone have an idea about how I address this problem?
  14. where do i get the pat file? i cant finde it in on page 9, just a link to some google account thing