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  1. sorry but I don't understand what I have to do exactly, I have the original DSM pat of my actual installed version but I don't find anything about this two files
  2. hello, first of all thanks for the great effort. I have a problem, I executed the script on my previous cpu and worked well but now I have changed it to Intel Xeon E3-1265LV2, I choose the redo option but nothing happens, tried to delete \root\xpenology and do first run but still nothing, it shows the same as before. what can I do friend?
  3. I have this checked but still do the same, open it when I log in
  4. yes i have the same but is not the dsm help windows, control panel open automatically at update and restore windows I think because there is an update but I can't update because i have a gen8 server and with default network card I can't update more.
  5. hello, every time I login into dsm...control panel open automatically in 'update and restore' window, how can I block this? I don't want this windows to be opened every time I log in to dsm. I think this is because an update is available. Thanks.
  6. Hello, in the past I modified something in config file that did the trick and showed for example 4 drives for my HP GEN8 and not 12 of DS3615xs. Does anybody knows how it's done? I don't remember it Something like MaxDisk=12 could be?
  7. I make this post to talk about the dsm 6.1 installation now sources has been released, any kind of information will be welcomed! Jun could make a 6.1 loader if he want.
  8. viktortrass

    Working DSM 6

    Update 4 works perfect!
  9. descargate el ultimo service pack disponible para el HP microserver gen8 que contiene todas las actualizaciones mas recientes, la bios tendras que actualizarla a parte supongo no estoy seguro si viene ahi
  10. valee lo puse porque pensaba que alguien lo habia hecho en la seccion frances y luego se habia copiado a ingles pero si lo has hecho tu pues perfecto eres un crack tio de momento yo he usado esto asi tal cual y tengo mi hp microserver gen8 actualizado a lo ultimo con quickconnect funcionando y acabo de añadirle otro disco, es una autentica pasada lo que se puede hacer con este sistema. graciass
  11. viktortrass

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    where is synoinfo.conf?? I cant find it!!please someone could tell me it
  12. viktortrass

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    No, it wouldn't. Just edit synoinfo.conf in etc.defaults and you can set any number of discs there why?is the same operating system with same kernel no?or is the bootloader able to install DSM only with DS3615 firmware?...and if I edit synoinfo..Can it shows 4 disc on storage management?
  13. viktortrass

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    i have a question to you, following the tutorial to install DSM 6 or migrate...could I install .pat file for DS416 for example instead of DS3615 like in the installation tutorial??this is because my hp microserver has 4 slot for HDDS and not 12 like DS3615, I would like to install .pat file from DS416 to show 4 slot disc instead of 12!!would it works?