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  1. Thank you for your help, I have just extracted it with 7zip and looked info file, it show node js so I found the package node js and install the last version, now is working perfectly, why this versions of node js are not showing on package center?? Thanks.
  2. Hello I can't install package Eynio Server on my xpenology, it says DSM can't find package NODE JS on package center. I don't know what can be the problem. Any help please?? Could you try to install Eynio server from package center to see if it works for others? Thnak you
  3. Hello I want to know why Presto File server does not work on Xpenology. I try to use the 30 days trial but I cant, it shows the system cannot do the requested operation, there is an unknown error. Do you know why is not working and how can I try to solve it? thank you
  4. I connect it via http or https, what is the best way to upload or download at full speed? thanks
  5. Hello, I have problems with download and upload speed over internet, I use ddns and a hp microserver gen8 baremetal with DSM 6.2!!In my lan speed are over 980mbits! is a gigabit connection but over internet I download at 15MB/sec and upload at 1MB/sec, I have fiber 600/600 in the nas side and 1gpbs/400mb in the other side so this is not the problem!!anyone with the same problem? thanks
  6. this is what I mean, every time I open dsm this windows open automatically, how can avoid it?
  7. thank you very much I will do that tomorrow!
  8. sorry but I don't understand what I have to do exactly, I have the original DSM pat of my actual installed version but I don't find anything about this two files
  9. hello, first of all thanks for the great effort. I have a problem, I executed the script on my previous cpu and worked well but now I have changed it to Intel Xeon E3-1265LV2, I choose the redo option but nothing happens, tried to delete \root\xpenology and do first run but still nothing, it shows the same as before. what can I do friend?
  10. I have this checked but still do the same, open it when I log in
  11. yes i have the same but is not the dsm help windows, control panel open automatically at update and restore windows I think because there is an update but I can't update because i have a gen8 server and with default network card I can't update more.
  12. hello, every time I login into dsm...control panel open automatically in 'update and restore' window, how can I block this? I don't want this windows to be opened every time I log in to dsm. I think this is because an update is available. Thanks.
  13. Hello, in the past I modified something in config file that did the trick and showed for example 4 drives for my HP GEN8 and not 12 of DS3615xs. Does anybody knows how it's done? I don't remember it Something like MaxDisk=12 could be?