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  1. I can confirm it is working good and now I have 10 licenses for use with face recognition. Thankss
  2. Hello, It is possible to use CMS on xpenology VM for DVA3221(by default 8 licenses) to give surveillance station licenses to a xpenology baremetal installation DS3622XS like in this video ?
  3. Hello I would like to ask what is actually the best model or version to choose for a HP Microserver Gen8 Xeon E3-1265LV2? I think it is DS3622XS, is correct? I actually have DSM 6.2.3 with juns loader on DS3615XS model but I want to update it with ARPL. I want to build the bootloader based on DS3622XS but my question is... will I have any problem updating to DSM 7 If I change model version to DS3622XS or I must update with the same model as before (DS3615XS)? Maybe If I select different model Synology Wizard will ask me to reinstall DSM. Can I just make new usb with ARPL, build the bootloader and update DSM without loosing data or something? any advice? Thanks in advance
  4. This post is from 4 years ago but I have to say that even it is a violation of Synology Terms, each one can do whatever he want. We do not provide any tutorial or info. Im not going to post the way but I have to say that is totally possible to use a real SN and a real MAC with xpenology on DSM 6 or 7. Thanks
  5. Have you tried to find the server with synology assistant desktop app or find.synology.com? This is normal. Have you booted from usb or sata? Try to select usb boot elsd try sata boot let it load for about 3-5min, then try to find ip assigned by DHCP with Synology Assistant.
  6. This tutorial is a supplement to the ESXi TCRP installation tutorial located here: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/62547-tutorial-install-dsm-7x-with-tinycore-redpill-tcrp-loader-on-esxi/ Installing DSM 7.1.0.-42661 on UNRAID 6.10.3 I have been trying to install DSM 7.1 on my unraid server for the last night. After some problems and testing I have created this guide to install DSM 7.1 on UNRAID working perfectly. This is my vm config: STEP 1-Virtual machine creation: Download tiny core from https://github.com/pocopico/tinycore-redpill Select CentOS VM Template and apply correct options from the attached image. Select Q35-6.2 Select 3.0 (qemu XHCI) Load tiny red core as vdisk1 USB by selecting manually (you can create previously the name of the folder for the VM inside /domains and upload the tinycore img ) Create secondary disk 50G or whatever you want (this is your data storage for synology) as vdisk2 SATA Select Network model: e1000 Save. Uncheck "Start VM after creation" Edit again vdisk2 in the advanced xml template (top right corner) to controller='1' (if we don't do this tiny red core will not detect the disk properly when doing the satamap and will not install DSM correctly and will ask you to reinstall the *.pat infinitely) STEP 2-Start VM and connect via SSH Start VM and load tiny red core Once the OS is loaded, open the terminal and enter ifconfig to find out the ip of the machine Connect via ssh (with Putty) to the obtained IP address. user: tc password: P@ssw0rd STEP 3-Run the following commands: To update tiny red core with the latest data ./rploader.sh update now ./rploader.sh fullupgrade now To generate random mac and serial numbers (copy mac address generated to set on unraid vm template later) ./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+ (or whatever version you want, you can see all versions available with command info ./rploader.sh) To map the connected disks ./rploader.sh satamap now To record the vid/pid from usb ./rploader.sh identifyusb now To install NIC drivers (sometimes it loads the e1000e module instead of the e1000 and it doesn't work, adding this command will make sure that the e1000 module for the NIC is loaded correctly) For e1000 Network Card run: ./rploader.sh ext apollolake-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/rp-ext/master/e1000/rpext-index.json NOTE: change version according your selection for CPU and DSM version For virtio-net Network Card run: ./rploader.sh ext apollolake-7.1.0-42661 add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/rp-ext/master/v9fs/rpext-index.json NOTE: change version according your selection for CPU and DSM version To build the image ./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661 STEP 4-Download your .pat for your correct cpu architecture from official repo or mega download for this version apollolake , we will need it to install DSM later. https://global.download.synology.com/download/DSM/release/7.1/42661-1/DSM_DS918%2B_42661.pat - Offical repo STEP 5-Edit VM settings on advanced xml mode and install *.pat After doing all the above we shut down the machine. Edit the virtual machine on xml advanced mode (if we change mac address in normal editing mode you will lose controller="1" option set for vdisk2 we did previously so you will have to set it again everytime you change and/or save a setting from normal mode, try to edit always in xml advanced mode), look for MAC address and set the MAC generated by tiny red core. Save Start VM Select the first option USB and leave it a few minutes until we find it with synology assistant Open WebGui and install *.pat We now have DSM 7.1 working on unraid. There is other method with SATA boot but I have to test it better. Hope this guide help someone. Regards.
  7. Edit VM and choose XML view Look for your vdisk2 or sata hdd drive and change controller='0' to controller='1' Save and restart the VM. Installation should continue. If you edit something on normal view edit, changes on xml view will be gone and you will have to do it again.
  8. Hello, Anyone with DSM 7.0.1 installed on latest UNRAID?? I have a problem installing dsm.
  9. Thank you for your help, I have just extracted it with 7zip and looked info file, it show node js so I found the package node js and install the last version, now is working perfectly, why this versions of node js are not showing on package center?? Thanks.
  10. Hello I can't install package Eynio Server on my xpenology, it says DSM can't find package NODE JS on package center. I don't know what can be the problem. Any help please?? Could you try to install Eynio server from package center to see if it works for others? Thnak you
  11. Hello I want to know why Presto File server does not work on Xpenology. I try to use the 30 days trial but I cant, it shows the system cannot do the requested operation, there is an unknown error. Do you know why is not working and how can I try to solve it? thank you
  12. I connect it via http or https, what is the best way to upload or download at full speed? thanks
  13. Hello, I have problems with download and upload speed over internet, I use ddns and a hp microserver gen8 baremetal with DSM 6.2!!In my lan speed are over 980mbits! is a gigabit connection but over internet I download at 15MB/sec and upload at 1MB/sec, I have fiber 600/600 in the nas side and 1gpbs/400mb in the other side so this is not the problem!!anyone with the same problem? thanks
  14. this is what I mean, every time I open dsm this windows open automatically, how can avoid it?
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