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  1. ChmaDK

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    My J3455-ITX has the same sickness
  2. ChmaDK

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Unfortunately DS918+ 1.04b J3455 ITX does not include the /dev/dri folder. So still no HW transcoding. any fix for this ?
  3. ChmaDK

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Im having exactly the same problem. After 1.04b Loader no more /dev/dri folder on an J3455 Motherboard
  4. Im having the exact same experience as others here.. The conf files looks right. No Indication that it shouldnt work. First time after reboot working perfect first trancode. After that i cant transcode anymore.
  5. No not at all.. SN / mac. VID/PID and now im looking into the effect of legacy booting vs Csm and the other bios related stuff.. My problem is the same others experience.. It starts the workers for transcode. And then the workers freeze. Watching everything happen in htop
  6. Update. got the activation file looking good. still no hardware transcode though. Either in emby or video station. The ticker is set in video station. Anyone have some ideas ?
  7. Hi Guys. Im running an ASRock J3455-ITX with 10 gb of ram an yadda yadda. Ive been running an 916+ with an incorrect SN.. Now ive upgraded to 1.03a 918+ loader. 6.2 pat. Real serial and mac. And did an reinstall without keeping any settings.. now i dont get the activation.conf file. Anyone have some ideas ? Thanks.
  8. Thank you Very Much for the great answer. Im not planning scaling up. So im going for the asrock j3455-itx An node304 and an 300w psu. That Should be sufficient for ny build i Think. I already have 8 gig ram from My microserver. Is that a build that Should work With hardware decoding and such ? Thanks
  9. Hi Guys. Im trying to source what hardware to replace My Old n36l With. Currently Running 4x3tb disks. Im Into Something at least or close too in power efficency. Approx same size. So mini itx is a must. Preferably compatible With ds916+ software so that hardware transcoding in plex is supported. Then I can Ditch my Mac mini for plex server. Anyone got the best setup out There for me? Thanks
  10. Ive sucessfully used an Wandtv USB DVB-T With DVBlink software.. also working very good.
  11. Ive now put it down to that if i Just add the 500gb in a fresh installation. It spins down.. But when i add in the 4 3tb and put them in a raid 5. It wont hibernate anymore.. Anyone else with disks in raid got them hibernating ?
  12. Hello everyone.. Now ive benn working on tracking my possible issue with my N36L not spinning down my disks. Ive put an 500gb in the top shelf on the ODD connector. 4x 3tb WD Green thats very willing to spin down. If i put only the 500 gb disk it spins down excellent. And wakes up as it should. But then i added the 4 WD drives in an Raid5 Cluster. now none of them spin down anymore. Is there a solution for that ? Should i use something else than raid5 for letting them spin down ?
  13. Ive now tried several thing to get the Harddisk Hibernation working. The eject script for the usb drive and everything ive tried does not work.. If i issue an hdparm -Y /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sdf They go to sleep but only for about 15-20 seconds and the wake up again.. Ive tried everything listed here and nothing seems to do the trick. Even tried physically removing the USB pen from the computer. My specs are : GEn 7 n36L 2x4gb XMS3 ram. Random 2gb usb pen. 4x 3tb WD green disks 1x 500gb in the top shelf. Using the newest bios from this thread. Ive t
  14. Trying to get the HDD hibernation working. Running 4 3TB WD green in the bays and an 750GB sata on the top shelf. They dont seem to hibernate even though ive followed your fine links in the earlier post. Is it possible you could tell me what bios youre using and your settings regarding the sata ports ?