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  1. shaneshane

    is DSM5.0 officially out?

    and when we'll see some Xpenology version out, anytime soon, thinking of upgrading from DSM 4.2 to 4.3, if 5.0 is coming I will hold off and wait for DSM 5.0 thanks!
  2. shaneshane

    how to install DSM 4.3 from 4.2 3202?

    thanks XPEH, I do worried about the data lossing, and I did have a large amount of data that need to be backed up, which makes it almost imposssible. I can try to backup the most important portion, and after that I'll give it a shot. BTW, can Mac recognize the Synology disk format (I assume it's EXT4?), how can I read it directly from Mac?
  3. shaneshane

    how to install DSM 4.3 from 4.2 3202?

    just treat it as a brand new installation or there is a way to "upgrade"? my PC: Core Celeron G530, asus P8H77-I, onboard realtek 81xx NIC, had been running at DSM 4.2 3202, I have 6 disks loaded now, all with a lot of data if I need to install as a brand new, will it impact my data? any risk of data losing? thanks