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  1. Just a quick comments or two on my initial install. First, for the most part it works pretty well. Tahnks for the effort. However, on my LSI SAS controller in IT mode, it the current build only sees 6 of 8 drives. The install would not even install the default OS & swap partitions. I used Unbuntu 13.x on it to verify eh drive status. When I install the last two drives on the internal SATA ports the current build could see and partition the drives. Afterwards, I moved the drives back tot he LSI controller, but still it could not see them. I did that because I was not sure if the drives were not seen by the OS because they were not partitioned properly to begin with. Also, for those with a curiosity bump, the bootable drive is actually a SSD installed on SATA port 1 not he motherboard. Without it, you can't install/boot the OS.