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  1. I'm trying to use a "white box" system of mine for a new install using 6.2.3 with Jun's loader. I tested the process first on an HP desktop and it worked fine, got on the network, etc. The white box has an older Realtek NIC builtin, but did not get on the network with a standard setup. I tried the realtek drivers but still could not get an IP address. I'd rather use the NC360-T anyway, so I rebuilt the usb stick for that, but I still cannot get it to get on the network. I updated grub.cfg in for the VID and PID of the USB stick and mac addresses for the NIC. (I tried both mac's an
  2. Just wondering if anyone got this running under xen? I've tried a couple things but haven't worked real hard just yet. I'm playing with it on VirtualBox right now. I'll probably try to convert this one to xen and see what happens. If anyone has proven it either way, please share. Thanks, James