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  1. Thank You to dodo-dk & mmkt & apriliars3 I really did not want to move the NAS to plug in a screen/keyboard/mouse etc But in the end I did as apriliars3 post at < HERE > showed
  2. ?, is this correct or am I missing something that I am to do next ?
  3. Can someone make Update instructions with pictures or a quick video Thanks
  4. Huh ? Can someone expand upon this information and/or even make a quick video for us slow people in the back of the room Thank You
  5. Please remove again, - Update Available - Please
  6. To fbelavenuto , Excellent Thank You Bare metal install Dell Precision T1700 i7-4790 These are made to hold four hard drives. Installing DS 918+ with Automated redpill loader made everything so simple. Installed perfect on first attempt
  7. What you see on the Local screen is all you will ever see. You MUST , just like with a REAL synology use Synology Web Assistant or Best to download Synology Assistant to then log in and install the .pat file . etc In fact , at this point you should unplug that screen and put it in the closet or storage. You should never need it again, along with the keyboard & mouse if you had one. Synology/Xpenology does not need screen/keyboard/mouse.
  8. Download Center - DS918+ | Synology Inc.
  9. I saw during install, it downloaded the PAT file. Where did it download the PAT file to ? Fantastic work, So easy to use for anyone to use that has done this before
  10. Dell Precision T1700 i7-4790 Baremetal install DS-918+ Successful 7.1-42661 Update 3 Successful Thank You Only issue seems to be - Connection Failed Everything else seems good
  11. I spent hours, I tried putty, CMD , Youtube , etc So now I ask.. How do I get the file into the tmp folder ? Change directory to where ch_cpuinfo.tar file is located: cd /volume1/temp I can get there in putty, But How do I move the file into there ? This is probably so simple,
  12. After taking a second look ,, I see that the important thing is Quick Sync and newer Xeons have the feature. I withdraw my question
  13. I think the answer is PLeX Transcoding needs a IGPU for hardware transcoding. Celerons & i3,i5,i7 have an IGPU. Xeon CPU's do not and therefor can not do the hardware transcoding you are thinking of. The question is eventho the DS3622xs+ has a xeon cpu ,But since it a newer cpu than what is in the 918+ is the PLeX transcoding ability in the pat file like it should be in the 918+ pat file, since the 918+ does Plex transcoding. So, if setting up Xpenology mainly for plex with an newer i7 cpu should we use the 918+ or DS3622xs+ setup ?
  14. I want more than 2 Cameras Bare Metal Install I am willing to Buy the Licences , I understand from looking at the Forum , I will need Legit synology serial number & MAC address So ? If I get any / the cheapest / one bay / used synology NAS , and put it's serial number & MAC address on the USB drive I would then be able to install Legit paid Surveillance Station Licences on it ? with no problems ? Is this all that is needed ? Does the license have to match the DS3615xs Thanks
  15. I have a New router, now can not see or find on the network. My xpenology file server can be seen by plugging it and computer into OLD router. How do I reset the server network setting ? So that the New router can see the file server Thank you
  16. I did hit search, So now I ask I am running 5.2 Xpen, PLEX is running Version ,, PLEX wants me to update to PlexMediaServer- Is it OK to do this ? Thanks
  17. Is everything on the Flash Drive or Some on Hard Drive 0 ? 'Cause if I want to replace Hard Drive 0 will I need to reinstall ? (one drive setup?)
  18. HP Pavilion p6-2011 I added - Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network Adapter EXPI9301CTBLK - Not needed, BUT it quickened transfers Both ways avg. 110 MBs It has four SATA ports and can hold four Hard Drives with imagination,, At the moment there are three installed Running Xpenology 5.2 Cost = $ 20.oo at local pawn shop I happened to walk into.. Sign said BIOS password locked. I went home and first Google link showed how easy to clear,, So I bought it
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