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  1. Thanks Polanskiman. Re-imaging usb key let me see the Nas back with "Migratable" status. But under "Migratable", all my settings are gone even a server (Nas) name and I cannot change it back. In this case, I'd better re-format all my 12 HDDs and re-build a new Nas from beginning. It costs me time a lot to re-build and therefore, for those who are going to build a AMD Nas like me, BE CAREFUL. You'd better wait for Jun's V1.02a for AMD or just stay where you're at DSM 6.0.2 (or DSM 5.2). Do not update and you're warned.
  2. I couldn't wait till Jun launches out DSM V1.02a for AMD bare metal. Today, I might as well decide to use V1.01 to build an AMD Nas. Everything looked fine during the setup until it asked me to update. Checked Polanskiman's tutorial and found he said "You can then proceed and update DSM 6.0 up to DSM 6.0.2-8451 update 11". Once again, I followed him and downloaded DSM 6.0.2-8451 update 11 http://from here viewtopic.php?f=2&t=33043 (Critical Updates specifically for DSM 6.0.2 can be found here - the last line for U11). And of course, I picked the correct model DS3615xs. Unfortunately af
  3. Guys, don't just post for asking questions. For those who successfully installed new bootloader of Quicknick please also post and say THANK to support his spirit. Thanks.
  4. Sorry for my newbie question. How do I open .vmx file directly by VMware workstation? Do I have to replace "VMname".vmx by DS3615xs.vmx I just downloaded from Jun and then hit Power button on VM? Thanks.
  5. ...Because I upgraded mine to a xeon, I can run more than one OS and pass through a disk controller (Dell H310 flashed in IT mode) to xpenology. ...So hi everyone Hi, I also have Dell H310 in IT mode. How did you pass through disk controller to xpenology? And you can see S.M.A.R.T after the "pass through"? Are your HDDs spinning down/ sleeping now in idle time? Thanks.
  6. Yes, sure if you want WOL. Otherwise, forget it.
  7. Yes I did it. Check fiew post, i describes what I did. If you want your vm to autoboot, create a batch file with "vmware - x yourvmfile". I store 1 VMK / disk. So if one disk fails, i add a new one, and recreate the missing vmk Envoyé de mon SM-T700 en utilisant Tapatalk I read all your other posts but didn't see how you boot it up on VMWare Workstation. Once again, do I need an iso or just download img file to boot from it? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, finally I got you. A quick question here is how you booted into grub menu? I can burn .img file of Jun into a usb flash drive and boot it up on a bare metal machine. But with a VM Workstation, do I have to have a iso file and put it in CD/DVD drive of virtual machine to boot it up? Correct me if I'm wrong. Once again, thank you for your precious reply.
  9. Over 165 people read it, but nobody can help? I don't think nobody using VMWare Workstation.
  10. Human being is not perfect and therefore things they've made also not perfect either. You think you have no risk if you buy Windows or Mac? If you don't trust it, do use it. Why bother?
  11. Has anybody successfully built a Nas based on new DSM 6.0.2 loader on VMWare Workstation? Do I need an iso or img file to boot it up? Thanks a lot.
  12. My daily working Windows 8.1 has some spare HDDs and now I plan to build a Nas on top of it thru VM Workstation. Has anybody successfully built a Nas based on new DSM 6.0.2 loader on VMWare Workstation yet? Please shed some light briefly on how to do it. Thank you . I appreciate it.
  13. Totally agreed with Faro. So far, we haven't had tutorial about 1. HDD hibernation/ auto power off. 2. Power off button. 3. CPU power state. I appreciate if someone spends his hard time to write it down here. Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone, when I use ESXI 6.0 U2 for DSM 6, I have no way to see my Disk info thru S.M.A.R.T. In other words, my Nas has no spin down (hibernation) at all. For those who are using ESXI 6.0 U2, can you see it? Thanks.
  15. Compiling any disk adapter modules is not possible at the moment due to unexported syno_libata_get_index function (declared in libata-core). So only way to fix it is recompile kernel (we don't have latest kernel sources to do that) or somehow modify drive adapter sources to not depends on syno_libata_get_index function. A newbie question. Just don't know what you meant evdev, button: for acpid My humble guess is if I use your updated ramdisk.lzma, I can simply turn off my Nas by pressing the button, no more no less right? Thanks.