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  1. i read some guys intalled correctly the 6.1.1 version on bare metal. I've tried with both 3617xs and 3615xs but i always get error 13 during install. pid, vid, sn and mac address are assigned correctly and the hard disk was cleaned before installing. what i'm missing? running 1.02a 3615xs loader with 1.1 works perfect.
  2. I am beginning to think case like this, if you still had your old loader 1.01 with you, you could still boot with 1.01 and have your DSM 6 working like before the upgrade. Someone please confirm if my thought is right, otherwise I think it is fair to say it is safe to try upgrading. cheers SOLVED! 1. During installing the usb loader went corrupted (tried twice). So after install you had to clean the usb drive(all partition) and reflash image. 2. Upgrade not work. so the only working route is to choose clean install (data folder are not deleted, you only have to rejoin domain or
  3. Tried upgrading my test machine with new loader 1.02 alpha. First boot it say migrable, did the migration and now it goes in bootloop, i can see the loader, then starting the loader, 2 seconds and it reboot the pc
  4. Hi There There are allot of services or packages that prevent hdd hibernation from occurring. I also have a Gen8 but never saw my drives enter hibernation. I have a real synology DS216J and it does hibernate the drives....but very rarely. Like once or twice a day maybe, sometimes not at all for 2 or 3 days. So it depends very much on what services or packages you are using. I found this on the Synology site which might help explain this : https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/tutorial/General/What_stops_my_Synology_NAS_from_entering_System_Hibernation
  5. I have the same problem, hibernation not working with 6.0.2-8451 update 8. I even reinstalled and set up a SSD as volume 1, so if a package or something needs to be loaded it doesn't need to spin up my hard drive. But it isn't going into hibernation ever. Could we somehow monitor what is accessing the drive? Or is this a driver problem? I use WD Red 3tb. Are also you on HP Microserver gen8? I'm not using wd red, i'm using seagate barracuda, but with Dsm 5.2 the hybernation worked with the same hardware setup so i think the problem is not related to HDD
  6. Hi, i'm running Jun's Loader 1.01 on a HP Microserver Gen8. I've noticed that hdd are always spinning, they don't go into hibernation. Could someone tell me if is this ok or i'm missing a step? On the power setting i set hibernation for sata to 10 minutes. I've resilio sync package installed but i tried stopping it with the same problem. Does HDD hibernation works for you? Thanks
  7. Update 8 failed for me. The machine rebooted and say"grub error". Reflashed the USB Stick, the loader start but can't see nas from synology assistant. Did it on a test machine, so i have formatted the disks and reinstalled from scratch
  8. Just for info. Tried the latest 6.1 RC. Not working. it say "recoverable" but is an infinite loop.
  9. Anyone had success installing on hardware without AHCI so we can reuse old pc (4/5+ years old) as we did with xpenoboot 5.2? I've tried 4 different PC that hasn't AHCI setting in bios and The installer say "no disk installed in your ds3615xs"
  10. there are yet all image needed. You need to check some requirement: 1- Du you need AHCI from what i understood. now you have 2 choiches: 1- Do you have UEFI? Go with the image in the first post 2- Do you have not UEFI? Use the image hybrid uefi/legacy on page 10. here, do you have RS232 serial port? if yes all ok, else you need to copy the file in images/ds3615XS/ramdisk.lzma from the image from the first post in the same folder on the usb key created from the hybrid image otherwise it ask you to install every reboot. Bye
  11. Ordered Microserver, but not works Install ok. reboot and say "migrable" all in loop... any suggestion? Used the UEFI/Legacy image on page 10. Set sata to ahci in bios Can You share your grub.cfg? Thanks @tuonoazzurro Download the UEFI image version, browse the image and copy the ramdisk file and replace the one one on your current image with that one. Very good. all working. DSM 6.0.2 8451 Update 1. DO NOT UPDATE TO UPDATE2. after reboot it stuck to grub saying "invalid magic number". you had to reflash the usb key, but after a reboot same thing again.
  12. Ordered Microserver, but not works Install ok. reboot and say "migrable" all in loop... any suggestion? Used the UEFI/Legacy image on page 10. Set sata to ahci in bios Can You share your grub.cfg? Thanks
  13. Thank you very much
  14. Hi, i have a G8 with xpenology installed, but i'm using 5.2 version and runs like a charm, i would like to install 6.0 but i gave to backup my stuff before try upgrade. Hi Aigor, good to know, in italy the price of microserver with 4gb ram is 190€, not a big investment, but if i can be sure it works before purchase i don't waste money let me know if you are planning to update in the near future. Thanks
  15. Hi, i've tried the boot image on several bare metal systems. The image is the dual UEFI/Legacy on page 10. It works only on recent system, precisely only on motherboard with AHCI capability, is this normal? On recent PC with AHCI everything works well: BTRFS, snapshot, docker, ecc... on system without AHCI it say "no disk found on your ds3615xs" I'm planning to build a DSM6 with an HP Microserver Gen8 but i hav not a unit to try before buy. Someone already tried this build? (bare metal of course) Thanks