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  1. Try this one https://mega.nz/file/lgBSxIYC#lRzwpgfmd6H6NM4H1Y9TE8vMOyUz8RdEHSLkvlFwFuA On my TS451 works perfectly fine. Even with hw transcoding. I found it on a Chinese forum.
  2. BTW, I got this from "ls /dev/dri/" And as for "cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/i915_frequency_info" I got this There is something wrong with is isn't it? The Plex works fine but it can't handle any hardware transcode. For example when MPEG2 from a DVDRIP needs to be transcoded, it just stuck, but the machine won't reboot nor crash only the video just not gonna play. So as VC-1 videos.
  3. I did those rm -rf commands before replacing the package and replaced the syno package nothing seems to change so I decided to pull out all HDDs and make a fresh install. I tried a very fresh install by installing with new HDD. How do I know the ETH doesn't work? By looking the LEDs on the ETH ports, they don't even light up and also in my router page they don't appear to be active.
  4. Thank you for the driver package. I have a QNAP TS451 with J1800 and I210 ethernet working but without hw transcode (yeah this is the only thing that doesn't work). LAN works fine so as the WOL and it shuts down and reboots without any problems. I tried to replace with the "syno" driver package and it seems nothing changes. Also tried fresh install with std package, but the ethernet doesn't work after the first synology assistant install procedure. After the first reboot, the ethernet dies. Any hints?
  5. I tot a qnap ts-451, with the same j1800 cpu and I'm running ds918+24922. I could't get the plex hw acceleration working. I have plex pass so I think there is something wrong with driver or something? Your's are working well?