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  1. Hi, im installing marvell 88se9485 pcie card on motherboard GA-H77N. I see all 8 HD in BIOS, however no harddisks are detected in Xpenology. Anyone know if this card is supported?
  2. Hi Andy. Thx for your great work with this. I hav som trouble with the usb ports, wont recognize extern hard drive. My motherboard is Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3, 6 x 3 TB seagate connected, 4 Gb ram, and Core I7 processor. Everything else works fine but the USB ports are there any hope to solve this? Didnt have any problems installing by USB.
  3. Hi Gigabyte ga z68ma d2h b3 sata ok, USB ok, NIC ok Works like a charm.
  4. ulle64

    update dsm 4.2

    Is it possible to update to DSM 4.2 by downloading the .pat file and manually update? (im using a real machine) and all works correctly.